Snow Skiing in the Summer

Through the course of history people have often done deviant acts in a given society. These acts vary in extremities towards the individual group. Take the City of Chicago for example. It is a melting pot of all sorts of people from ethnicity to sexual orientation. The youngest of the generations had already experienced so much through the media, video games, movies, television, and in their own homes nothing seems to surprise anyone any more. It would appear people are more so concerned with feeding into their own desires and their own lives than caring or noticing what’s going on around them.

What is a deviant act? A deviant act is an act done outside of the society’s norm. This varies from location to location because of what is normal to each social group of people. The Chaos Theory states there is no normal. Things often appear that way. A man goes to the beach drunk. He wants to ski. What is wrong with that? First of all he is drunk. Second, he is carrying his skies and wearing his snow ski clothes in 90 degree heat. Slightly acting confused on the difference between water skiing and snow skiing. Do people really care what is going on around them? Do people notice what’s going on around them?

Roughly 30 men, women, and children of different origins, creeds, religions, and other variations were eye witnesses to a deviant act conducted on July 10, 2011 at 10:30 am. A man acting like he had alcohol in a brown bag, walked down the beach shore wearing what you would find him wearing skiing down the mountain slopes in the middle of winter. He was armed with a deviant smile, his skis over his shoulder, and the fake booze in his hand.

Do you think this guy caught the attention he strived for? Do you think people noticed him? Do you think people cared? According to the video, when first entering the beach, he was only told he couldn’t bring alcohol on the beach. The rules never specified he couldn’t already be intoxicated before entering. Good thing it was only an act! The video showed the most amount reactions coming from the older patrons. My theory is they had probably seen or heard less of goofy public acts as pranks, or equivalent deviant acts of the “Jackass” world. Mostly the video showed people staring in confusion with a few comments to the people in their own little circles. I met up with a gentleman who was care taking the sailboats and we talked. He asked me a few questions, “Are you hot,” “There are no ski lifts for that kind of skiing,” “There is no skiing here!” My reaction was, “Seriously, that’s all you want to say?” He wanted to know where I was from because I used a fake accent and spoke about skiing in Latin. I was asking people “where is the ski lift o?” The other gentleman I spoke to was a Polish man who told me to come back in December and we can go skiing somewhere else together. He thought the whole thing was hilarious. I was highly disappointed by the few reactions. And I was excited with all the confused looks. One small child wanted to ski after seeing the skies in my hand, “Monkey see, Monkey do!” The children wanted their parents to look at the skis. Where the children more concerned about the man with the skis or the skis themselves? No one wanted to comment later on during partial interviews. I had a few people tell me during the later interviews that they thought I was drunk. A few thought it was a prank, saying they thought I was attempting to make my claim for fame by doing this. A couple a parents said they were so caught up with their children they missed it and apologized for not witnessing the act. The most common statement was people believing I was drunk trying to enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon skiing.

There is a limited amount of research done to prove society has already been desensitized and why. I understand sometimes we all do things in an unorthodox fashion at times, and we may say or do things that don’t fit in our society’s norm. I am very disappointed with the way society treats an unusual act. I personally am desensitized too much of what is going around me. It is hard to get a reaction out of me. It is my own life experience that allows me to not react to the unusual acts people do in any given society. I am sure some places the low to high extremes vary on what is deviant and what is normal. It appears in the City of Chicago, everything go’s!
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