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Ethical Ethnocentrism is Wrong

Ethnocentrism Is a form of prejudice where one group think that their ethnic group is more important then and they measure all other groups in relation to their own. First ethnocentrism is wrong ethnically because e thnocentrism leads us to make false assumptions about cultural differences. We are ethnocentric when we use our cultural norms to make generalizations about other peoples' cultures and customs. Such generalizations, often made without a conscious awareness that we've used our culture as a universal yardstick, can be way off base and cause us to misjudge other peoples. Ethnocentrism can lead to cultural misinterpretation and it often distorts communication between human beings. Also Ethnocentrism is wrong because to compare a group of people to your own and judge them by how you work is really self centered. You can't compare people when you have not been put in the same position as them. In my eyes the only way you can compare lifestyles as if they are pretty much the same or if you have lived that way before and changed your lifestyle. People these days make to many accusations about things they have no credibility about. There is plenty of things at stake if you endorse this idea of ethnocentrism. First of this is how problems are started by assuming your way is better and trying to enforce your lifestyle on someone who is completely happy with the way they are living. That is how wars being by both parties sticking up for what they believe in. If people could just accept they way people live even if they are completely opposite ideologies of their own

Another Life Ruined from Online Dating

Sure everyone is compelled to “find your soul mate.” But a friend of mine had her entire life ruined by online dating. She came to me and said “I created an online profile on an internet site promising me they will help find my soul mate. I know it sounds crazy and unlike me to use the internet to date but I figured I would give it a shot since I’m having such rotten luck lately.” She was a beautiful girl who could have whomever she pleased any given day but still was compelled by the finding of her soul mate. She was paired up rather quickly with an attractive male 2 years older then her. He seemed great when I met him myself. After about 6 months, she stopped calling and seemed very distant when I did talk to her. At a time when I knew he wouldn’t be there I went to visit her. I was shocked at what I saw and learned. He left her a week ago. She was alone in bed crying when I arrived at her (their) house. He had fooled her, stole her identity, along with most of the expensive electronics in her home. She was so embarrassed about it she didn’t even want to tell me. Her ran up her credit cards, emptied her savings and checking accounts, opened new cards in their names and used maxed them out, he even stole her brand new laptop which she at the time needed for her school work. He financially devastated her, and she didn’t know what to do. Rebuilding her life took a very long time and tons of phone calls. Now to this day she still has problems. Come to find out he wasn’t who he said he was literally. He was using a stolen identity when he met her! He had done it to 2 previous women using online dating. Sure the same thing could still happen in person to person dating but I would still rather meet people on my own, meet their family, and friends. I believe all those things surely decrease the odds of this happening to me.

Effects Of The Barbie Image on Someone I Once Knew
Criticisms and counter efforts on the influence of the “Barbie Image” in America}

When I was a young girl I had owned plenty of Barbie dolls. It was the norm for girls to play with Barbies and boys would play with hot wheelers and cars. The 90s was a time for me, I remember my child hood moments and they make me happy, but it was not the same for my friend( who shall remain nameless).The Barbie image had not influenced my life as much as it did influence or effect her's. I didn’t look at Barbie as a role model but rather a toy that entertains me, however I had a friend who was deeply influenced by the Barbie image and it did take a toll. When we reached the teenage years we had been introduced to diets, make up, a different style of clothes, and obsession took a place in our lives. Even though we were in High school and we didn’t play with Barbie’s anymore “The image” or message of Barbie has been implanted into our minds. Young woman are raised thinking that is accepted and his is what you are supposed to look like. My friend was in good shape fit and healthy, but her life changed as soon as she got to High school she wanted to fit in so bad she thought that her looks were her problem. Three years later(2010) she lost so much weight .she was not healthy not fit I felt like I was talking to bones ,but she was my friend and I failed to see what has happened in her life. She believed her look was unacceptable and that going on an extreme diet and joining clubs like cheerleading is what is socially acceptable. In conclusion we both were exposed to social media and so called bueaty images, but other aspects of life also count such as self-confidence and whether or not you have people that accept you for who you are. Girls will always be exposed to social media and images that really have effect but with the right confidence and right guideless a girl can overcome the overwhelming and dangerous messages of media and what their views are socially acceptable.

Finding Love (Dysfunction of Internet Dating)

Online dating is definitely not more effective at finding you a partner than just finding someone in real life. I personally tried a dating website one time and it never really started anything interesting or engagaing. The so called compatibility that was promised by these websites did not work out for me. There were just too many matches that i felt could have more in common with me based on the information I put into the website. I have found it to be a much more beneficial experience to meet someone in person for the first time than to meet online. All the people i had met through the dating website seemed to be fake in some aspect, whereas the girl i am currently with is totally genuine. Meeting her in person and just letting things happen naturaly played out much better for me. We have become much closer through personal self-disclosure and we did it through just good ole fashioned dating. There is no reason that you should have to go online to find someone who will love you. There will always be someone put in front of you for you to find. You just have to keep your mind and heart open to these kind of experiences. I have personally been through this entire ordeal, and i find it much easier and beneficial to find a partner in the flesh. There is somebody for everybody, ya'll just have to find each other.

Uncle Ricks Online Dating Experience

Online dating can be a good and a bad thing. In my uncles case it was a great thing. My uncle Rick had got divorced and decided to use an online dating website. He works all the time and does not have time to go out and meet new people and start a relationship. He started it off as a joke and did not think he would ever meet the right girl. After four months of online dating he met his soul mate. They match perfectly in every aspect. They both work full time and see each other twice a week. He never would have imagined he could find the right girl at his age and be happy. The online dating experienced made him realize it’s always a good thing to try everything once because you never know what you’re going to get out of it. Him and his girlfriend have happily been dating for the past three years, and agree that they will never get married. He tells me every time I see him that the online dating website was the best thing that has ever happened to him. So yes online dating can be used in a bad way but it does work and my uncle is proof to show for it.

Media and Facts

About thirteen years ago my fiancé at the time started a new job as a saleswoman selling advertising slots for the local newspaper in central Wisconsin where we lived. She came home one evening and we spoke about how her day went. Apparently, the printed press regularly jockeys for sales slots versus radio media advertising. She told me about how the man training her was giving her advice on how to sell advertising slots saying that she could tell people newspapers are a more permanent and reliable news source. He tried to strengthen his argument with some topic (I don’t remember what it was now) saying that it was printed in THE NEW YORK TIMES newspaper and those were the facts and thought that if the information was printed in such a reputable paper it must be gospel. I told her that just because it’s in THE NEW YORK TIMES doesn’t mean that it’s all 100% factual.

I explained that a reporter can misinform in a particular article in any number of ways. They can have a totally biased opinion and write the wrong information either consciously or inadvertently. They can get the wrong information unknowingly and print it. Facts can change as new information is revealed. There can be printing errors. Sometimes, if not written clearly, the meaning can be ‘lost in translation.’ Etc., etc. I told her that you can’t believe everything and to be a little skeptical unless you see it with your own eyes. You can always do more research until you confirm it.

She relayed my perspective to the guy training her the next day. This apparently crushed his whole view of printed news media as he realized all the susceptibilities of an article.

The Positive Outcomes of Adoption

Emotional And Psychological Effects Of Abortion On American Women
In my opinion abortion should not be an option for anyone unless they have been raped or have a health issue that can be dangerous to the baby. Too many teenagers make decisions they regret, yet they do not always realize that they are harming other people, not just themselves. Teenagers should not be able to have abortions simply because they have made a mistake and think mainly about how it would affect their lives if they were to have a child. For people considering an abortion, they need to look into adoption. There are many people that would agree that it is not right that someone should have the option of easily giving up a child while there are people who are unable to have a child at all. For example, my aunt and uncle for a long time were told they would never be able to have children of their own, therefore, if they wanted children, their best option was to look into adoption. After adopting two young boys from Romania, they discovered they were pregnant with a baby boy. A few years after, they got pregnant again with a baby girl. My family’s nickname for the baby girl is “Miracle,” because they were told they would most likely never be able to have children of their own. For families such as this, adoption might be the only available option, therefore, people pregnant should consider adoption after the child is born compared to abortion. When teens discover they are pregnant, they often immediately think of abortion rather than considering the alternatives which can result in a better life for both themselves and the child.

Everybody has a Choice

Institutional Supports for Abortion in America

Although I whole-heartedly agree with the fact that abortion is a major decision that should be greatly thought out, the facts come down to this: ultimately, the final decision is made by the girl who is pregnant. She is the one who is affected the greatest by the pregnancy, both physically as well as mentally, so it should be her final decision that goes. Realistically, whichever decision she makes is entirely her own, but people seem to forget this more often than not. I believe all people have a choice to live however they want, within rules and social norms in society, so a woman contemplating about having an abortion should be no concern to the general public; it is not their baby, if they took no part in creating it or they aren’t going to be involved with the child’s life in any way, they have no right to criticize that person’s life because it is none of their business. Yes, it is also a concern of the families involved, as well as the father of the child, which is why I also agree that it is wrong for organizations such as Planned Parenthood to encourage young women to keep their abortion a secret from the people who love them. I do also agree with the fact that if a girl is not ready to take care of a child—whether it be having a stable financial situation, a loving family, shelter and food—then she is definitely not mature enough to be having sex in the first place, by any means.

How the War Affected Black Slaves During the Civil War

“Johnny, I just can’t believe the government is talking about taxing us for the money we make, I can’t believe it, I just can’t!” said Carlton Whethers, one of the wealthiest men in the county. “ I truly hope its all just a rumor”, he continued. “Yessir” said Johnny, just standing patiently, the ever-dutiful slave, waiting for Whethers to continue his tirade, something with which Johnny had grown accustomed.

“First they take all of my guns and powder for the war, which I really didn’t mind, but that’s not enough, now they want to take my money and start telling me what I can and cannot do.”

Johnny quietly started walking back to the cart filled with the wood logs that he was preparing to split. Just one of the many chores he had to complete before his day would end.

Whethers continued, barely noticing that Johnny had started walking away, “And I’ll tell ya something else Johnny, it won’t be long before this government is going to be telling us what we can and cannot do about everything, I can see it coming, that’s for sure, there goes our freedom, yup, I can see it coming.”
Johnny just sighed, grabbed the handrails to the cart and staring at the wood for a moment said, “ Yessir, should would be a shame.”

Equality in the Eyes of Revolutionary Leaders

"How can equality be achieved the for American people?" asked Benjamin Franklin, as the Revolutionary Leaders were assembled in their meeting.

Thomas Jefferson answered, "I believe all men are created equal and should be treated in that way. We will make up a documents and put our ideas in writing. It shall be called the Declaration of Independence and will be signed and followed by all American citizens."

"All men should be able to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." states Benjamin Franklin. We need to make sure that this is also included in the document. We need to create a document that would support equality for all.

Jefferson says, "Men I think we did a good job at creating a documents that will make American's feel as if they are all equal, Good Work."

Many years later in different meetings the following discussions were held by different groups of people that were looking for equality.

"What about women's rights, are they going to be addressed?" asked Ms. Stanton. "We don't want to be kept out of jobs, denied an education, not be able to vote and own property." states Ms. Stanton.

"What about the rights of slaves, they are not allowed to marry, have a family, and testify in court." states one slave to another.

America’s Struggle with British Oppression

“Can you believe that we they are taxing us because of the war?” said a colonist “We supported them with our troops and gave them our supplies!” “We supported them so much and what do we get in return? More taxes!”

“I thought we were in a land of freedom, I thought that with Britain’s victory our nation would prosper even more” “These taxes are completely pointless” “Why do we need to stamp or documents? There is no point in that” said the frustrated colonist.

“Why are our sugars even being taxed? Why are we paying for their war? We only supported them we are not a part of them.” a confused colonist asked.

“I will not sit here and take this any longer” said the first colonist “The British think they can just control us however they want! These taxes can only lead to more taxes and more oppression”.

“But what can we do?” said another frustrated colonist “They are our mother country we used to have a good relationship with them how can convince them to take away these taxes?” “There is only one thing we can do and that is to start a revolution”

“I think I’ve made a mistake” said George Grenville

Live Auction

It’s a bright sunny day and not only am I, but other slaves are brought to this big field and told to stand on this stage in a line. All of a sudden I noticed many white men walking up and down looking at each of us individually. We are not to speak a word.

One guy about 6 feet tall, wearing a black hat and suit, comes up to me and pulls at my lower lip and tells me to open my mouth.

“Well this one’s teeth look good. Not rotting yet.”

The next thing I notice is that he starts pinching my arms. “He looks like he has some muscle. Not a weak one. We can’t have any weak ones. Walk back and forth. I want to see if you have strength.”

As I walk away, I can feel his eyes burning deep into my back. I decide to walk with a limp to show that I’m not as strong as he thinks I am.

“Hold on. Hold on. Walk back this way. What do you have going on there?”

“Well my foot hurts Sir.” I replied trying to sound convincing.

“I think you are lying to me son.”

All of a sudden, this 6 foot gentleman calls someone over. As another gentleman walks towards me, I can see he is a doctor.

“Check his foot. He says it hurts.”

This doctor has me walk up and down the stairs and trot across this stage. He moves my foot in certain positions to see if I wince in any way. That’s it, I know they figured out I’m lying.

“Thank you doctor.” This man says. As this guy turns around all I hear is, “I’ll buy this one”

I’ve just been sold for $700.

Blue Collar and White Collar Conflict

Extent of Truisms in American Comedy on Blue Collar Values, The

Inside a large skyscraper in Chicago there are many very important business leaders. Also, out of the public eye are many blue collar workers who are doing work on the electricity for one of the elevators. A few of the arrogant business leaders see these individuals and crack a joke about blue collar workers and about the work they perform. One of the workers hears this joke and has had enough. He decides to speak out against this business leader.

“Excuse me, but were you making a joke about my job?” The blue collar worker speaks out.

“Well, I was not meaning it intentionally; I just thought it was funny.” The business leader declares.

“I did not find it very funny, my job is just as hard as yours is and you do not see me making fun of your job, do you?” Said the blue collar worker.

“Yea, well your blue collar job is not as important as my white collar job in this economy” the business leader lashes back.

“Not as important, excuse me? Blue collar jobs are just as important as white collar jobs in this economy. If it were not for all of us blue collar workers you would not have this very building you are standing in, you would not have your office, electricity, plumbing, or any foundation for the society. And therefore you are wrong. Your job depends on blue collar work. We provide the foundation for your job.” The blue collar worker lashes back at the business leader.

“I never thought of it that way. I guess you are right we all depend on one another in our society and should treat each other as though we work together rather than as two separate societies.” The business leader admits embarrassed.

The Magical Acceptance of a Life-changing Event

There was once an eight-year old girl who had a dream of going to Walt Disney World. Like every other ordinary child she dreamed of meeting every princess and maybe even becoming one herself. There was only one thing that stood between her and this magical dream.

The trip she had been waiting for was finally book for departure on September 18, 2001. Who would have known the most horrific thing in the world would be taking place a week before the trip on September 11, 2011, not only ruining her dream, but also destroying millions of others in the world.

The little girl’s parents discussed, “I don’t know if we should still go to Walt Disney World. It is just too dangerous.” Nobody knew what to expect in the future after this event. It was a time of silence, curiosity, and sadness. “Maybe we should reschedule the trip?”

After many long talks back and fourth decisions, the family decided to go.

“Wow, said the mother there is nobody here!” The parks were empty. Not even the princess’s were to be found anywhere. The little girl who knew something was wrong finally spoke up, “This is not what Disney looks like on the commercials. What is wrong mom and dad?”

Everyone has their stories on where they were when 9/11 took place. It was much like when Princess Dianna was in a car accident, or when John F. Kennedy was shot. Well, this was my own story when my parents accepted that “Terrorists really did crash 2 planes into the World Trade Centers’. Even though I was eight I could see it in their face that not only Disney World had changed, but also a whole world of people’s lives were going to change.

A Shocking Discovery

One summer’s day while out and about in Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin noticed a storm was approaching. His young apprentice was alongside him taking notes.

“Most excellent! This storm will provide the perfect condition to test my theory of electric conduction!” exclaimed Ben. “Ben that’s a storm, it’s dangerous,” yelped the apprentice!

“Nonsense” stated Ben. “These happen to be perfect weather conditions for the given experiment.”

The storm was approaching more rapidly than Ben had anticipated, “Drat! There is no chance I can reach my equipment and return before the storm has passed,” thought Ben.

Just then Ben noticed a father attempting to coral his son who happened to be playing with a kite. “That kite! Why I could tickle the clouds with that dear child’s toy! Here sir take this and buy your son a new kite,” Ben had acquired a kite, but this makeshift conductor still needed it’s key piece.

“Now by tying my shop key to the kite, and my house key to the spool handle, a current of electricity can pass!” The apprentice tried yelling over the wind, “Ben you’ll kill yourself!”

At that moment a streak of lightning struck the kite, and a current of electricity was conducted between the two keys. Ben felt a jolt but was relatively unharmed. “This will revolutionize the future,” exclaimed Ben!

“Sometimes it is important to put your work before yourself for the greater good of mankind,” concluded the apprentice.

African American Violence

A brief moment in history became one of the most known unforgotten moment in the African American community. Rodney King was brutally beaten by the LAPD police. King was under the influence while driving with two friends and when pulled over his friends got out while King stayed in the car. Once out, King was resisting arrest and was tasered by the police. The taser did not work effectively on King and as such he kept trying to get up after each hit. This alarmed the cops and they started to hit King while he was still on the ground trying to get up. "Officer Powell then struck King with his baton. The blow hit King's head knocking him to the ground immediately. Powell hit King several additional times with his baton. The videotape shows Briseno moving in to try and stop Powell from swinging, and Powell then backing up. Koon reportedly yelled "that's enough". King then rose to his knees: Powell and Wind continued to hit King with their batons while he was on the ground"(Wikipedia Rodney King). An officer,officer Koon, directed each blow that Powell and Wind would put on King in order to severely weaken him. Many other officers were standing watch neither helping nor attempting to stop the unnessesary violence against this African American man. After his brutal beating he was handcuffed and dragged on his stomach to an ambulance which then took him. This is a break in history that almost weakened the societies judgement upon the police. Some believe that King was beaten for no reason. Yes he needed to be arrested and may have been subject to the use of force but the actions the police took on King were very irrelevant and should not have been that forceful. This moment in history can be looked at from different points of view but the evidence is still prominent.

Being black in white America

April 2, 1961
Things were suppose to change after the big war. Everyone was going to be equal, and America would be a free land for all. One hundred years later, and the black man still cannot catch a break. I still cannot go into a restaurant with respect, or even be out with my family without hearing the white man's garbage. Nor, can I even get a seat on the bus after working a long day. Where is out happy ending? I thought that the Emancipation Proclamation was our revolution? Nothing truly changed,even though the south never lost they still have hate for the black man. These white leaders who think they know what is best for the black man now will fail like the fathers before them. They all wear their masks well too, but I see it in their eyes. Change is will win them votes in the minorities, and win them elections. They need the black vote to win, because the nation is so divided. But, once they have won those promises for an equal America will disappear. They will get their money, and the black man will get beat. I saw my own father get dragged off by those white leaders, but their faces hidden by sheets. Cowards they are, but they get away with murder. The sickest part of this is that the black leaders are teaming up with these white "leaders" for what is best for the black man. What should the black man do? Do we follow like sheep, or create our own land. Now is the time the blacks to return to the homeland were we belong. Away from a country who wants us to draft us, and fight for America then treat us like pigs. If we cannot fight in Mississippi, then why should we fight in Cuba or Vietnam. In Africa we can properly educate our children in good schools, like the white children get. God is smiling down on the black man, because he knows that the white mans time is coming. This will happen trust me Malcolm X.

The Life-Changing Event of a School Kid

The day started off like any other day for an 8 year old male. His mom waking him up to get ready for school and making him breakfast. IT was the beginning of a new school year for this young boy he was so excited to see everyone again. His mom drops him off at school and says; " have a good day, love you" and the kid responds back " i love you too mom."

Who would have guessed that, that day would have taken a 360 in just a few seconds. As the kid was in his class talking with all his friends and listening to the teacher the United States would change for forever. The Date was September 11,2001 a date no one will forget.

When the first crash came the teacher got news of it and said; " Oh My God" as the class couldn't figure out what she was so emotional about. She turned on the t.v and on every channel there it was the first crash that kept replaying over the t.v. Everyone was in shock and just the age to know what was happening to the United States. Then the worst thing of all happen as the kid remember's more than anything. The television was playing and just when they went live the second plane crashes into the twin tower's as the kid point's out to the rest of the class. The school let the kids out early that day.

When his mom came and picked him up they started talking about it. The kid said to his mom; " Why did they do that" the mom replies " I don't know." Thats all the school boy thought about the rest of the night as the crashes kept replaying on t.v. The day of the most horrific thing that the kid has ever seen done to the wonderful United States, and he couldn't stop thinking about it. The day of September 11,2001 a day that always stays close to people who have gone through it. Even though i didn't know anyone that was effect by it i knew that as a whole the United States took a hurt and there were plenty of people who did take it more hard than that day in class when i saw the planes crash and thinking to myself why someone would want to hurt a beautiful country like the United States. The event of September 11, 2001!

Operation Enduring Freedom

What a crappy morning it was; I woke up late, my baby Sophia was still sleeping- I had to get her in the car seat fast, and my six year old was mad because she couldn’t ride the bus to school like everyone else. Where was Hanna? Yes, she is watching Barney. The phone rings, “Jen-are you watching it?” Watching what? My husband demands that I turn on the television. I yell at him, “What is so important right now? Erica has to get to school, and I woke up late. I can't talk right now!” He firmly told me to turn it on because there has been some sort of attack in New York.

“OK fine-I am turning it on now. Hang on I have to put the phone down.”

On the screen, in black and white-it was the only television that could get a picture out here with no cable in my brand new house, there it was. I stood there glued to the image in front of me. I felt a tug at the back of my shirt as my daughter begged me to take her to school so she wouldn’t be late. Snap out of it. On the phone, “Have they called me yet?”

Three days later…the phone rings, “Mrs. Swanberg, this is Captain……”

As I take out the trash, my husband pulls into the driveway from work. I tried not to show him that I knew. He gave me a big hug and said he was sorry that I had to find out that way. He wanted to tell me himself. I asked him when he was leaving, and where he was going.

“I leave in about a week, and I am going to Guantanamo Bay.”

“Wait, isn’t that Cuba? What the hell are you going there for?”

Domestic Violence in American Homes

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a problem that affects 92% of women, me included. I was not raised in an abusive home. My dad worked full time and my mom stayed at home with me and my sister. We were sheltered and lived a very quiet life. My life was simple until I didn’t want my life to not be so quiet.
I ended up getting into some major fights with my parents about boyfriends, curfew and what choices I was making. These arguments ended with me eventually moving/getting kicked out and onto my own. I had to keep my pride, so I told myself, I am not going to come crawling back with my tail between my legs. I moved in with my current boyfriend.

At first he was great. He was 7 years older than me. He had his own place (which was a hotel room that he rented). Not long, and reality settled in. It started with fighting after a night of drinking, then back handing onto broken nose and black eyes. Finally, I had my left ear cut off after a heated argument. I wish I could say I left, but like so many other women, I stayed. Scared and trapped.

I stay; we get engaged and have a baby girl. Finally, we are fighting non- stop and I had enough. I had no money, no phone, no car and no license. He dropped us off himself and my parents took me and my daughter in with open arms. I have moved on and he is not in our lives. I walked away and never looked back. So many women are where I was, and it eventually becomes their grave. Domestic violence is everywhere and so many people don’t know what could be going on next door.


My good friend once created an online dating profile to look for a relationship that wouldn’t require long term commitment. As she created the profile, she didn’t expect anything serious since she wasn’t fully convinced by this kind of interaction. As time moved on, she met a few candidates for a new relationship but none of them had something that she was looking for. That didn’t last long because there was a gentleman that came up on the horizon. In the beginning she was pretty skeptical and didn’t want to be involved too emotionally in something that she didn’t think would last. When they started to date everything changed. I have never seen her so energetic and happy in my life. When I asked her about her point of view and skepticism that she had when she entered that relationship, she said that it was her mistake that she made. They were living together for a while to see if they had made good choice. They didn’t wait too long to get married and now they are very happy that they had a chance to start this relationship. If online dating didn’t exist, they would never be able to meet each other because of the places that they lived in and the social circles they were in.

Barbie Doll Image

Holly was in high school she was a little bigger than all her friends she wasn't fat just bigger boned than they all were. She wanted to be like them and like models seen on television. The perfect Barbie image: tall, skinny, perfect skin, and long beautiful hair. Holly one day got sick of not looking "perfect" so she went to the extreme and started purging after every time she ate something. This made her feel better about herself and felt skinner and prettier. She had gotten sick after a while of constantly being bulimic. Finally she had gotten tired of being sick all the time and feeling weak that she had come to realize that she was perfect the way she way. She had become to respect herself and the way she was built.

The image of Barbie makes girls feel like they have to be skinny and perfect. Girls should feel perfect anyway they look. The media needs to stop making girls need to feel they need to be skinny otherwise their not beautiful.

Plan B

One summer I decided to take a trip down to Houston, Texas to visit my family. When I finally got settled into my grandparent’s house my older cousin Rachel came over to spend quality time with me. A couple of days later we were planning a graduation party for my oldest cousin David. Rachel decided to invite one of her friends over. Before the party started we decided to go pick her up from her house and have a sleep over. After we picked up Liz she told us we were going to have to stop at the drug store. She asked my cousin Rachel for a loan of fifty dollars and said she would explain everything on the way to my grandparent’s house. When Liz came out of the drug store she explained to us that she was with her boyfriend the night before and she thinks he might have gotten her pregnant so she needed to pick up the day after pill to prevent her baby from growing. Rachel and I were shocked to hear that this twenty-two year old girl could be pregnant at the moment. When we got back to my grandparents house we decided to take a dip in the pool. My uncle is known for making the best homemade hard lemonade so he brought us each a cup to the pool. After relaxing in the pool we all decided to go inside to watch a movie. Liz would not stop complaining about how sick she felt, she couldn’t stop throwing up, and how big of a headache she was experiencing. It got to the point where it was midnight and she was asking my aunt for a ride home. She finally just passed out in one of the beds. Before we knew it, it was the next morning and she was still feeling nauseas. She would not come out of the bedroom and stayed in bed the entire day missing out on all the fun of the graduation party. Rachel and I could not believe how irresponsible she had been to get herself in this situation in the first place.


Balancing the Scales Takes Time

There was once a boy and girl who married way too young, her seventeen and him twenty. Equality in marriage was something neither thought of nor discussed. In the beginning adjusting to marriage was difficult because society placed roles on both, he to provide and she to serve. He was unable to provide enough to become independent from her family, so her father offered him a job at a factory. This was not something he ever envisioned for himself. She feeling guilty of his sacrifice went out and found her own job and grew to be more successful than he. In the coming years stresses such as jobs, money and babies caused many problems. Both wondered daily, even hourly why they ever chose to walk down this path. Equality was the source of many arguments. Why did she have to work and still have to maintain the household and the children, while he lay around recovering from, long hours, manual labor and even worse rotating shifts. She cleaned, cooked, shopped, dropped and picked up the children, paid the bills, and planned all the family’s events. Although exhausted, she continued to prosper at work and soon all her hard work put her in a situation where the money she made came with strings attached. Soon long hours were not rarity but a norm. Her husband sought employment else where so that he could pick up additional responsibility at home. Because he had no skills he found employment at another factory for less money, equally hard work but with normal hours. The scales tipped from one end to the other. It was his turn to cook, clean and care for the children.

Equality can not be measured on a day to day basis. Unfortunately, most couples give up before they reap the benefits for their sacrifice.

Cody’s Journal, June 1, 1732

As I read the pages from the book I borrowed from the new colonial library, I wish I could be out hunting with my friend Thomas instead. My father insists that I do my studies, so I can be a better person. It would be more interesting if Thomas and I could study together. But father says that indentured servants don’t have the luxury of studies. I wonder why? Maybe there will be a time where we will be treated equally. It seems that the colonial men are more empathetic to people more like them. They talk about how we should be free to worship the way we choose, but they don’t seem to mean everyone. I hope for a time where one life will equal another.

We have established the separation of church and state here in the New World. People are allowed to explore new ideas and we are thinking logically about individual rights and verses states rights. I think New England is progressing in the right direction, where all people are treated equally and I plan to continue studying, so that I can help develop a more empathetic society of people towards all humans. I am thankful for the new library, this way I can read about the forward thinking of those who hope to make the Colonies a better place for all living creatures. For now, I will continue reading about John Locke and when I hunt with Thomas, I will share with him what I have learned and he too, can become a better person.

Twist of Fate for the Online Date

Billy Fredrickson was a quiet fella, who never had an honest date,
He needed to find some instant love, before it was too late
He felt that time was running low, due to ever increasing age,
never finding the right one, rejections filled him with rage
Any time he was approached, Billy had nothing to say,
Filled with frustration and shame on his bed he'd lay
His thoughts began to flourish and flow, "I know another way!"
He turned then stopped, popped his laptop and opened a new page
a new profile, he would, create.

Fake pics, dirty tricks, scams and lies full of wit, smooth talk for girls he'd stalk, and all he did was sit,
Lies fly by precisely sly, an absolute con, internet walls with invalided flaws, Billy knew what was going on
Face cropped on football jocks, A new expert is welcomed to photo shop, the madness never ceased to stop,
as billy worked his hands,
Billy didn't care to share the shame he held, understand deep down, was grand
but all his work would soon paid off, as a date he would finally land
The pics looked great, a moderate weight, 5 foot 8, she'd stand

Billy_Badass_91 "I'll pick you up at at a quarter pass ten, would you be ready by then?"
Cutie_patootie_75 " For sure strong man, what plans do you have? not much money i have to spend."
Billy_Badass_91 " I figured dinner or a movie, perhaps both, i guess on you it just depends"
Cutie_patootie_75 " Well save your money, i made some food for you honey, side doors open, come on in",

Billy arrived, parked outside, shaky knees and jittery, sweaty palms all day long, his neck as well, scarred as hell.
"Billy Fredrickson!" He exclaimed "You are a MAN!" he then explained
No longer will I be a wimp, no longer will I be afraid
He marched right up to the door and knocked and knocked and knocked some more, then realized it was open
He walked right in, and said "i'm here!" loudly, and well spoken
But what billy saw was no cutie patootie, his jaw dropped as the door slammed
Billy's ass was grass about to be harrased, by a sick 48 year old man


Abortion, Ethics, and Politics
After browsing through several articles, I found this article to be particularly interesting. Throughout history, the issue of whether abortion should be legal or illegal has long been debated. Religious politics play a large role in the general public’s feelings toward the topic. Being the liberal I am, I believe it is of the utmost importance to keep abortion legal. Above all, women should have absolute say over their bodies, regardless of the situation.
I do not feel that there is anything morally or ethically wrong with having an abortion. Many religious and conservative people spend their lives fighting to make abortion illegal. Currently, many states have adopted new policies that make it harder and harder for a woman to have an abortion. According to the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, In North Dakota, this is done by either forcing the woman to undergo counseling sessions where they are made to listen to unregistered, unlicensed councilors that give them dubious medical information about the procedure. Additionally, The Maddow Blog discusses the new bill in Nebraska: "It bans abortion after 20 weeks except to save a woman's life or prevent "irreversible physical impairment of a major bodily function."(Dryden). The “pro-life” people has been making it extremely difficult to obtain an abortion since they haven’t been able to make it illegal. Unfortunately, a lot of women today do feel that abortion is wrong and are pressured to have children when they are entirely unprepared for the situation. I believe that most teenagers and college students, who accidentally end up pregnant, would be disadvantaged parents. Overall, I believe that it is correct that abortion is legal. Our constitution created the separation of church and state, so religious beliefs should never determine our laws.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Institutional Supports for Abortion in America


Dear Diary,
Today someone I love gave someone away. It was a painful and emotional experience. Entering the Abortion Clinic was terrifying, sharp & bitter. I've heard before that many organizations provide sanitary structures for people and that there are plenty of people to give you emotional support. Although clinics do give this support, it doesn't change the fact that all you can think about while you're there is "Is this right?".. Is what I am here, standing for, supporting a loved one, is it worth all this pain and hurt? The whole time I feel this tingling -- almost a prickle as if someone was jabbing me with a knife telling me this is wrong. These institutions don't always help people who come understand that these are the consequences to actions that could have been prevented. More and more woman and young teens are recieving abortions each year without first discussing it with their loved ones first. We are told that everything will be okay after an abortion, that life will go on. But one life will not go on, the one you're there to defeat. I just wish people would realize what their doing before they take the time to go along with it.

Domestic Abuse in American Homes: A Vingette
Precious Pain:
Like stated in this article, domestic abuse include different ranges of abuse varying from several races, gender, and ages. Domestic abuse and violence is a major issue in the United States, and in order to alleviate the number of cases each year, the media has released songs and movies that could potentially prevent abuse. Even in reality, real life stories in magazines and spot light celebrities share accounts of domestic violence in their homes. Celebrities like Charlie Sheen and Chris Brown have been accused and charged for beating their significant other. Yet, the movie that comes to mind that is so touching to the heart must be addressed when it comes to domestic abuse. The movie, Precious, underlines this issue and makes viewers recognize and feel for the young girl who is abused by her mother and father. Not only does Precious live in a ghetto neighborhood in New York, she was impregnated by her father twice, and is mentally, physically, and sexually abused by her unemployed mother. Her first child was born with down syndrome due to incest and her mother takes full advantage by claiming the child in order to recieve money from the government. Moreover, her junior high principal sends her to an alternative school in order to change her life. Learned feelings are the most important outcome that needs to be cured in domestic violence. Precious lives in a fantasy world so that she can escape her abusive relationship that she holds with her parents. Luckily, Precious still has love in her heart so that she can feel an importance in life. Once Precious enters the new alternative school, she meets people who show her kindess and truly care about her. Once she delivers her second child, who she names Abdul, her teachers are behind her once they learn of her abusive relationships in her family. Precious's mother, Mary, plays the role of the most abusive culprit in the film. Not only does Mary abuse her daughter, she deliberately drops her three day old grandson on his head and hits Precious vigorously. Due to the influence of her teachers, Precious flees her home. Domestic abuse has several mental effects and life-changing outcomes. Precious had the courage to leave her home in order to save her children and herself from domestic abuse, by living on the streets. This is a rare and outward decision that she makes, by breaking in and sleeping at her school. In the morning following, Precious's teachers find her sleeping at the school and decide to send her to a halfway home so that she can raise her child in a more safe and sheltered environment. Mary comes back into Precious's life to tell her that her father has died from AIDS. This is the worst case of domestic abuse, because it involves sexual abuse as well. Once Precious is informed of the news, she comes to find that she is HIV positive but her newborn son is not. By the end of the film, Mary reveals the abuse that Precious under-went beginning at age 3. All of these experiences include physical, mental, and sexual abuse. Precious refuses to let her mother in her life again, which is infrequent in most cases of domestic abuse because fear and shame take over. Domestic Abuse in American Homes also clarifies some reasoning that causes this abuse, and in Precious's case lies alcohol and drugs. Precious attributes to the "60% of children abused each year" (Domestic Abuse Facts). She later seeks her GED in order to raise her child. This is an inspirational story, especially to ones who can relate to the film. There is hope in domestic abuse victims, but they need exceptional mental support to get through the struggles. The movie Precious can assist in preventing the long-term effects of domestic abuse cases. "Love ain't done nothing for me... but beat me... rape me... call me an animal! Make me feel worthless! Make me sick!" (Precious).

Equality in Marriage

Having equality in a marriage comes with a lot of work toward your relationship. When you have two different people that are trying to live with each other things can start to bother the other person. Each person needs their space and also be able to be their own person. When one person in the relationship starts to take control and stops listening to the other's feelings that is usually when the relationship stops working. Each person needs to step back and think of the other person and how it would affect them. Each person needs to be able to stand up and say "I was wrong I'm sorry". Everyone makes mistakes big or small, what really matters is that you know when you are wrong. The biggest challenge in my relationship was when we chose to move out together. We were both young and wanted to be ourslves. Both of us were raised as only children so when we moved in together it was completly different. It wasn't just me anymore now I had someone else to think about and after 22 years that is a big change. What really started to work for us was relizing that we can not change each other and can only work with each other to make this relationship work. Each person needs to feel like they are involved in the bills and the house work equally. If things start to become one sided the other person may feel like they are loosing their idenity. Some people in relationships just give up when they start to feel unhappy or that they are loosing their idenity. My husband and I have relized that you can never give up you will always have to be working on your relationship and instead of it seeming like work try to make it fun and intresting, try new things and you never know you may find something that you are both intrested in.

Equality in Marriage

Equality in marriage is a hard thing to achieve. Being two seperate individuals coming together to form one functioning team is not as easy as couples in long marriages can make it seem. My wife and I have been together for 11 years and one of the hardest struggles to overcome was moving out together. We fought more in that first six months than we have the whole relationship. The arguments ranged from money issues to dirty clothes laying on the floor. After the first year of living together we had setteled into a bit more of a routine and were used to eachother more. It was after this first year of living together that we decided that marriage would be the right thing.

The time that we moved out first together was when we were both around 22 years old. This is around the same age that most newly married couples find themselves at a point in the relationship where they are considering divorce. Many of these same couples are couples that waited till marriage untill they moved out with eachother. Alot of times this has to do with social or religious reasons. I believe that if more couples would move out with their partners before marriage, than they could get a better feel for their partner. I know that that was the case for sure with my wife and I.

The Moments the Towers Fall

September 11th, 2001 another ordinary day for a thirteen year old boy in 7th grade, but just another boring school day. Wake up at 7:30a.m. so I could catch the bus at 7:45 to take me to school and be in class and start at 8:15a.m. going through the day and I remember being in my 2nd period English class my worst class, never looked forward to it. Our teacher always prepared and eager to start class immediately was off today. Her personality greeting the class was very unusual and somber, more confusing at the same time. She makes this announcement to the class that there was some type of attack on the U.S. I remember students/friends of mine getting pulled from school by their parent’s in worry and fright. At my age it was an event that I was not entirely even ready to comprehend more because of shock and little information about what was going on. I remember being at school all day and being in study hall, our teacher had the television on and we were watching bit and pieces of what the news was alerting. Coming home I remember being very anxious and uncertain still about what truly had happened. Watching CNN with my mom and trying to understand why this had happened and who had done such a horrible thing. Airplanes just going straight through the twin towers like nothing with huge explosions of fire balls, the bodies of people giving up because there was nothing they could do flying from the towers going off looking like pieces of the building falling apart, the constant footage on the television on every channel was showing it, and still the question is why this happening was, and who the cause was for this. This was ten years ago and still everyone even people like me who were at a younger age can still remember what they were doing, were they were, and just even small details because of this horrific event that had happened. Terrorism is what has united this Country to be strong and try to remain as one. Now in recent news we have a little bit of some what we can call closure for the killing of Bin Laden, but the loses of that day are what have made this day such a big event that has happening in our lifetime and at some point years from now will be looked at as a big piece of history in the terrorism in the United States, and needs to be looked at and taken with serious observation and caution. History has begun in some points to show signs of repetition, and the war on terrorism is what needs to be put to a stop with good intentions and not more fighting/war.

How Slavery Affected My Generation

I remember in the winter of 1977, a mini-series titled Roots was televised. At that time I had just turned twenty-one years old, and as a newlywed, I was surprised that this show sparked my interest to such an extent that I closely followed each episode. Each evening I was appalled by the behaviors of the plantation owners inflicting their cruel physical and emotional treatment on their slaves.

I suppose I never really thought how bad slavery affected blacks during that time until I watched this mini-series. In my opinion, Roots was a very well written story about slavery and how it graphically detailed and followed the lives of many blacks brought to America for the sole purpose of working the fields in the South so the big plantations owners could reap the benefits and become richer.

Yes, I learned about slavery in my grammar school history classes, so I wasn’t totally in the dark about the existence of this injustice. Yet, since I grew up in a small rural farming community, thirty-five miles from Chicago in the Southwestern suburbs, I was definitely sheltered from most controversy such as segregation in my early life. The nearest black community was about ten miles to the south. However, we did have a mixture of races in our high school. This was my first experience attending school with a race other than white. During my freshman and sophomore years, our high school was riddled with race riots. Whites and blacks could not come together a one school united until my junior year. It was sports that finally brought the student body together as a school united as one. I suppose maturity helped as well.

Naturally, this mini-series affected my attitude towards blacks, and gave me an eye-opening awareness of the true struggles and inhuman treatment slaves were subjected too. I came away with a better understanding of how we should not treat each other. I only wish I understood the true plight of black people while I was in high school. Then, I could have understood why someone could dislike me so much, without knowing me - just because of the color of my skin.

{Title Needed}

{September 11, 2001, <>}
September 11, 2001, is a day I will never forget.

This day started off like any other. My third grade teacher, Mrs. Wall, stood in front of our class. Her white hair and glasses were arranged the same as any other day. It was a beautiful, cool day outside. The windows in my classroom were open and a breeze blew in.

The day completely took a turn for the worst when a mother of a boy in my class came into the classroom and asked to take her son home from school. Jonathan didn’t know what was going on and neither did we. My teacher talked to the woman and as she listened her face flushed from pink to pale white. The rest of the day was not a regular school day anymore. Some parents came in to take their children home and the rest of us watched the news on a television in an upper floor classroom.

To learn that terrorists had purposely flown an airplane into buildings in New York City was confusing to a third grader. We didn’t really understand the emotional aspect of the situation. Watching the news affected the way we saw what happened. But I believe that the news depicted the event honestly. They showed the destruction caused by the crashes. The news broadcasted the event so that it was the most important thing happening. They showed the reality of the situation and the devastation. There was real scene footage captured by everyday people that witnessed the event. The news may often be biased and tweak situations to make them appear to be one way or another, but this event was not one that was affected in this way. It was too honest of a situation to be changed or manipulated.

September 11th 2001 A day in my Memory "Always and Forever"

Vignette- A memory never forgotton

I showed up to work roaring and ready to go as usual. My boss came out to the shop and handed out our work assignments as usual. Today I was working with the bosses son in Morris, IL at a Lawyers office.

We were working outside in front of the building installing a new water meter in the downtown area. The sun was shinning and the sky was blue as ever. As a gentlemen walked by, he made a statement about the Trade Center being blown up or an airplane mistakingly hitting it. Then, as a second person walked by they stated, "Terriorists just flew a plane into the first Trade Center. I paused and at first I was like why would someone say that? This is the USA, that could never happen to us.

My bosses son and I went back to our truck to listen. When I heard, thats when I knew the day would never be the same nor would this country. What would we do? Was it that easy for them to do this? We looked up into the sky thinking are we next? We found a TV and watched the rest of it. The horror of the pictures and the way they described what was going on, I knew this would stick in our lives forever. It was to important of a dramatic event to ever forget and forgive. This situation was one that no newspaper could overkill the story and make things up. People were showing there cell phones of recorded footage and sounds of people screaming. What horror this is.

War on Terror in a Functionalist Perspective

{ Terrorism,} (Vignette for Wasr on Terror)

My first trip to New York was definitely a trip to remember forever.
I started the day off with intense excitement. I was flying to the East coast with my grandma to meet up with my cousin, aunt, and uncle whom I had not seen for two years! After what seemed like forever on the plane, we were finally there in Rhode Island! The next day we were to take a train for my first trip to NYC!

It was an early start to that Saturday morning of August 2002. We were up and at it by 6am, which is pretty early for a 7th grader. Finally after several games of Uno between me and my cousin we were only a short distance from our destination. We started talking about all the different things we wanted to do and see. On top of both of our lists was ground zero.

Ground zero was the first location we went to after getting off the train at Grand Central Station. The train station already had me in awe! I couldn’t wait to see what was coming! We then took a cab to the lower east side. The cab dropped us off just a few blocks from the site. After about five blocks of walking, my cousin and I asked in our whiny high pitched voices “Are we there yet?” The reply was “Yea girls, it’s right across the street.” My cousin and I both stopped and looked at each other. We were thinking the same thing. “That’s it?” We were in shock. It looked like a huge construction site with black banners around the outside that were filled with name after name after name. We tried peeking through the banners but all there was to see was a bunch of stuff that needed to be cleaned up. In total disappointment we moped around the outside of the site as the adults talked about things we had no idea of. That was until we went across the street to this church.

It was St. Pauls church. Inside every wall was filled with pictures from September, 11 2001. It wasn’t until then that everything started to sink in. There were burnt fire suits, military boots, cots, American flags, teddy bears, pictures drawn by kids our age, candles lit, and soft music playing. As we toured the church we learned that it was that church that housed all of the firemen who were injured during 9/11. The church was filled with visitors like our selves, but what was so amazing was that it was quiet enough to hear a pin drop even with all those people. Words cannot explain what we experienced that day. There were tears rolling down faces of those young and old, including ours. It was unlike anything we had ever even imagined. And to this day, I will never forget the images we saw due to terrorism.

Sugar and Tobacco in Virginia and the Caribbean

Dear Diary,

I stand in complete awe today- for today I have reflected back on how far I have come in accomplishing a successful life. I remember as a young man it was struggle after struggle after struggle to get a good crop in for the year; there were many times my family and I went hungry because we had limited amounts of money and food due to my failed crops. At night before bed I would earnestly pray for hope and strength for my family and me to make it through another day and would also ask for blessings on our crop. God showed mercy on me and provided me with the opportunity to plant tobacco. I have never had such a flourishing crop in all the years I have farmed. Instead of worrying if it is even an option to have dinner for the night, we contemplate over what kind of meal to cook for we have options now! And now before bed, I pray to God and thank Him for his grace and mercy and love in giving us a successful harvest. Tobacco has truly transformed our lives for the better. I am no longer a poor man but a rich one at that; that thought blows my mind away and makes me feel so blessed.

How Far Will They Go?

{Sexuality, Teens, and the Media,}

When I was a kid, I was cute and conservative when it came to appearances. I wore dresses that went to my knees and I carried a backpack to Elementary school, and depending on what day it was, it was filled with school books, assignments, board games, or Pokémon cards. My face was without makeup, and I enjoyed the things I had without much complaint. I can remember when I got my first cell phone in Middle School, my friends were saying "You got a cell phone?! That's awesome!!" I compare that to what I see today, and sometimes I wonder what went wrong.

Not with me, though; I still dress more comfortably than not. But with children today in general; I can go to the city and every once in a short while, I'll see little tweens texting on their iPhones, wearing super miniskirts, tops that show off their midriffs at the very least, and their faces caked with makeup. I don't doubt that they complain about how miserable their lives are when in fact everything on them was paid for by their parents. I'll look at them and wonder "Did the media really do this to them?" In all honesty, I can understand wanting to dress up to make yourself feel more confident about yourself, but I just find it upsetting that I see children, not even in the double digits, looking like this in real life, and why the media feels that they should grow up faster and embrace the adult world at an early age. Maybe it's just personal opinions, but really how far will they go with corrupting the children of today's society?

Putting an End to Human Trafficking
{Slavery in America-Sex Trafficking,} (Vignette for human/sex trafficking)

When I was a freshman in high school, I remember watching this documentary called, Human Trafficking. It was about a young girl who had been kidnapped while on vacation with her family and sold into sex trafficking. She endured being rapped, abused, and had to watch a close friend die before she was rescued. At the time, I had never even heard of human trafficking, but after watching that documentary I will never forget what it is. I have a hard time grasping the fact that human trafficking is taking place in the United States yet people are not educated about it. I think what made some people understand what it is and how serious it is, took place after the movie Taken came out. This movie was about a father rescuing his daughter after she too had been kidnapped and almost sold into sex trafficking. The idea of small children being taken from the live they once knew and being sold into a life of slavery or sex slavery, disgusts me greatly. Even if a miracle happened and the child was rescued, they would never have a normal life again. That is why something needs to be done about this, not only in the United States, but also throughout the world. Human trafficking is a serious crime, just like drug trafficking, and something needs to be done about it. One major thing I think can be done, is informing people that yes this is happening in the United States and other parts of the world. Also task forces need to be made to help stop human traffickers. No one deserves to be put through a life of slavery or sex slavery it’s just unfathomable.

Media Influences on Sexuality
{Sexuality, Teens, and the Media, //}

Freshmen year of high school everyone was talking about the most happening three letter word, sex. Freshmen in high school are typically between 14 and 15 years old. Did these kids even have any idea the dangers of sex? I always thought to myself "where are these kids getting these ideas from? Through high school I have now learned, most teenagers actions are media based. Being a teenager is the most crucial time to be influenced. The media has shown high schoolers, even kids in elementary school to grow up way faster than they need to. Make-up, short skirts, and hair styles are all sex based. These kids don’t throw on make-up and short miniskirts because they want to, they do it because of the sex appeal that the media has shown them. My close friend in high school would always do stuff like this, and even a few times I caught myself doing it to. The media has shown young girls that it is ok to show skin and talk about being sexually active. MY young sister is in 8th grade and I have noticed that she acts how I did sophomore year of high school. It is such a sad thing because she is missing out on her last year of "childhood" and being innocent. So, yes, from experience and seeing close ones around me go through this, I do believe sexuality is being brought upon at a younger age due to the media and the peer pressures within the media.

A Nation United Under the Worst Conditions
War on terror in a functionalist’s perspective

It was like any other cool autumn day but I was forced to spend it inside lying on the couch sick with the flu. I was in fourth grade at the time so I was watching cartoons and playing games like any other kid would do when stuck indoors. The day did not seem any different until a special alert flashed across the television screen kind of like the really annoying warning that appears when there’s a possibility of a tornado. I glanced outside and noticed that it was bright outside, a nearly perfect day, and wondered to myself why such an alert would be necessary. That notion was instantly answered when I turned back to the television and witnessed a plane slam into the side of building 1 of the World Trade Center. I sat there the whole day with my Dad watching the events unfold as three more flights were hijacked. I was in awe, wondering who in the world would ever do such a horrific thing to us. The attacks brought America together in the days and weeks following to support and comfort those left afflicted by the attacks but also to find those responsible and bring them to justice for their actions. Before September 11th I did not even know what the World Trade Center was for, let alone have the ability to comprehend the everlasting impact that the attacks would have on America. Finally, after ten years of searching, the man behind the attacks has been killed. However, the war on terror will continue on until all responsible for the atrocious attacks on America have been put to death or brought to justice.

A Close Encounter

Recalling a warm summer day; the sky was bright, the trees were in full bloom. Liz decided to take a stroll along the lakefront to take in some sun and enjoy the beautiful lake view. While walking along she encounters a young man that was approaching from behind her. Turning around to get a better glimpse, she made eye contact. Liz slowed her pace to give him time to catch up to her. Many thoughts raced through her mind. Will he strike up a conversation or keep walking? Immediately her heart starts to race as she thought to herself; hum, nice athletic body, very distinguished and quite interesting looking, he could actually be someone that I would like to meet. Her thoughts continued to overtake her as she pondered if he could be the man she’s been waiting for; the man of her dreams!

As he approaches, he responds to Liz's warm smile with hello my name is Joe; I’m new in town and was wondering if I could have a moment of your time. Liz paused for a brief moment and replied, sure. They sat on a nearby bench and began sharing acquaintances. Joe inquires about places to dine, and entertainment options in town. Liz chatted away, and as time passed, she realized it was time to head back home. Just as she stood to exit, Joe asked Liz to take his number and call sometimes. Assumedly, Joe suggests perhaps they could meet for coffee. Liz smiled bashfully and replied; I’d like that. Joe politely stood, and retrieved a business card from his wallet. Liz grinned childishly while accepting Joe's invitation; she silently thought this could be the beginning of something good!

Barbie Influences Both The Young And Old
Influence of Barbie on Gender Identity,}

Jeba my cousin who’s 11 craves Barbie. From age 5, she has never stopped playing with Barbie. She is drawn so deeply into Barbie because of her looks and clothing apparel. Lately, I saw that she has cut her hair short and is applying makeup on her face before each event she attends. I am surprised that her mom has said nothing about this behavior. It is as the mom is really buying into this whole ordeal to imitate what defines Barbie as Barbie. Each time we go to India, she asks my mom for a Barbie doll. I’ve always wondered why she wants a Barbie, when she has so many to play with.

Shiny another cousin puts too much powder and makeup on her face to try getting guys really interested in her. Her little sister’s following in her footsteps when she’s barely 4.

Sarah age 17 dresses herself as a cinema star. She has her hair in a certain way and makeup as well as shoes to go along with it. At another cousin’s wedding on December 27th, 2011 Sarah dressed so extravagant with a green sari and was followed by the wedding photographers everywhere she went. She had it all, the looks, and the works of being the center of attention at the wedding. Most of the wedding is all about her rather than the bride and groom.

I can’t comprehend these girls for appraising Barbie as their own role model. I mean, honestly, what do they see in her? What qualifies her as a role model not only to them but to all young girls?

To be honest, I grew up with playing with Barbie dolls, but that phase has passed and now I enjoy nothing more than just sitting back and playing video games.

The Day America Came Together

It was a cool day not yet Fall but the heat of the Summer had passed. I walked into my small sixth grade class of only twenty four kids. My best friend leans over as I set down and says “A plane just hit a building.” My first thought is a four person seater hit a small building. As I’m thinking this my friend points to the TV. At that moment I watched the second plane hit the second tower. That is when I knew something was wrong.

The next few days ever TV was on in every room of the school. Everyone wanted to know what was going to happen next? What was America going to do? One thing was for sure American was going to stand together. Not too long after that Osama Bin Laden was announced the head leader of the idea to run the plane into the Twin Towers. That is when the search began.

The next year I visited Ground Zero. All the destruction had been removed. All that was left was a big hole in the ground. Like a hole in the American heart.
Ten years later I’m in College and American finally get its closer for the man that led the attack. The families of all who died finally get some sort of end to this horrible event

Ignorance is Bliss?

Dear Diary,

Father has returned from Philadelphia today! He brings great and terrible news with him. He says that we have officially become our own country and that this “bloody war” won’t be for naught. He tells us that the new leaders, a congress of some type, have decided that we will live in a free country where there is no one to rule over another. I’m curious as to how this will work. What laws shall we follow if there is no King to declare them? If there is no man over another, is there no man whose station is over a woman’s? Will the ladies be seen down at the pub with the gentlemen? What an amusing scene that would be; Miss Smith singing bawdy bar songs with the local farmers. I’m almost in tears over the thought of it. I do still wonder if that means changes for me. Will I be expected to work in the fields with my brothers, or barter and trade in the local market with my father? I do not wish to do that. I fear that if I work in the fields, I will ruin any chance of a proper marriage. Right now, I do not wish to be seen the same a s a man,, I enjoy being a lady and I wish it to stay that way. Maybe one day, women will want to hold the same station in life as a man, but for me, not today.

Old Habits Die Hard

(Inspired by Equality in the Eyes of the Revolutionary Leaders)
Old habits die hard. This single statement can effectively sum up our advance as a nation and as a human race as examined historically. Despite being soft wired for empathy (as according to the Jeremy Rifkin video Empathic Civilization), that feeling has been undermined from long ago. We, as humans, left the natural feeling of empathy for more self-serving ways, yet we have been able to make much headway against this in the past few hundred years. The United States Declaration of Independence is a prime example of this. For the first time in human history, men (unfortunately only men) set up a precedent for equality like none before it. Though the exclusion of many others in this document has been highly criticized, people tend to not take it for what it is worth—a first step, a small crack in the glass of our old stubborn habits. To see what an important, monumental step this was, we can simply examine the progress today. A look at the world around us shows that we have made great strides in equality and empathy, but it also reveals how much more progress is needed—something we might not have seen without a first step. Indeed, old habits die hard, but they do die.

Lesson On Terrorism

I have two daughters; the oldest will be entering college this fall and the younger one will be a sophomore. On the morning of September 11 2001, I was home because at the time I worked nights. My daughters were getting ready for school when I saw the attacks on TV. My oldest daughter was in third grade. As we watch what was happening I said to her "this is something you will always remember." Fortunately, at the time she was still too young to fully comprehend the carnage that was taking place. I had to decide whether to allow them to get on the bus for school. I did send them to school that day. I thought to myself, is this how she is going to learn about terrorism? A couple of years ago she went to New York on a high school trip. During the trip she was able to visit ground zero and she later told me how she felt so sad for the victims. It is unsettling raising children in a world where evil is so prevalent. The other night she woke my wife and me to tell us that the U.S. killed Osama Bin Laden. As I went back to sleep, the lingering question that remained was what took so long.

Devastation from Terrorism

On September 11, 2001 I woke up to a beautiful, bright and sunny day. I was home alone, my husband was out of town on business. I was almost six months pregnant and so exicted to see my baby when he was to arrive on December 14th. I turned on the television and began to make breakfast. After eating breakfast I was relaxing a bit before I had to go to work for the day. I had channel 7 news on and abruptly on the television there was a breaking report. The next images I seen will be inbedded in my mind for the rest of my life. There was a large building with it's top ripped off in a cloud of smoke and people down below on the ground were running every where, some were injured. At that time no one really new what was going on just then another plane crashed into a second building. The buildings that were hit were known as theTwin towers located in New York City. The images of the buildings were unforgettable. There were people trapped up high on other floors of the building that began jumping out of windows, there were victims trapped under debris and were struggling to get out, and there were people in the building that were killed on impact. As I watched these images I began to cry. Just innocent victims of a horrific crime. I continued to watch the news until I left for work. Things only continued to get worse, then it became apparent this was an act of terrorism. On september 11, 2001 there was so much sadness throughout the United States of America this woud be a day Americans would never forget and it would change our lives for ever. For many days we the people would continue to watch New York City be shook to it's core with so much tragedy and devastation from an act of terrorism.

Slavery Thoughts
Changing Demographics of the Virginia Colony's Laborers, The

I never thought about how slavery changed us, and how it affected us. I remember hearing about how some people where separated from their families and sold into slavery. I would never want a live like that for any of my kids or relatives for that matter, and it scares me to even think about it. I think about it everyday how it affects me as a person and I know that it would a rough life to live. I do so not want this life for myself, and I feel sorry for anyone you had no choice to have this life for them selves. Slavery was a really issue and sometimes I feel like it could come back any time even thought we are feel to be who we want. I think all the wars that had to happen in order to protect us from slavery where never the way out but it I feel like it had to be done. I am scared everyday for my life and wondering if there will ever be slavery again. It is a scary thought, and I don’t think we would be a good thing for all of us if slavery was to come back. Virginia Colony Laborers changed our lives and every ones around them, so let’s not go back there for our safety. I thought of my life as a slave, and I couldn’t see it. I don’t think I could go through the rough life that slaves had, and non stop work that was not what I wanted to do. Being enslaved at the time was scary and danger, and sometimes it was life threaten. I don’t think I would want to get hit the head by something or get abused by my owner, just because I was doing my work and resting for a little bit. I remembering hearing about slave in particular but I can’t think of her name but she was hit in the head so many times and she would fell asleep well working and get hurt again by her owner. I don’t think I could be in the position like she was and it would be hard for me to image. I am so glad that I don’t have to go through that and can decided what I want to do with my life.

Sex and the Media

Throughout my years in high school, sex was a huge topic in the minds of most of my peers. It was very evident that the people that I went to school with were showing off their bodies in ways that are not very appropriate. The media has a big role in this. Most kids get the idea to show off their bodies and act in sexual ways because they see their idols doing so. The way that our media outlets portray today’s stars is guiding how our youth acts. I first started noticing the change in my high school years. Around freshman year I noticed girls changing how they dressed, how they acted around guys, their make-up seemed a little overdone to match the stars that they loved. Nowadays I see the same changes that I noticed in high school at even younger ages. My cousins are in 6th grade and it amazes me to see how they dress. Also, the fact that they put so much effort in using make-up seems a little ridiculous. I couldn’t notice make-up on girls for the most part until maybe junior high school, and now my younger cousins in middle school are using it the same way that older teens do. Another thing is that I sex education is being introduced at much younger ages. All that does in my eyes is make the children curious, and that brings them to experimenting with sex. From what I have seen it is obvious that the media is a big spark for the seemingly early development of our youth. And out society is basically creating a youth that way ahead of their time.

Slavery's Effects Today

Recently, I went through the Walgreen’s drive through to pick-up a prescription. While waiting to be helped I noticed Abraham Lincoln on the $5.00 bill that I was going to use to purchase the prescription. Most of us know he’s on the $5.00 bill. However, his picture has new meaning as I had just finished the last chapter in our US History Book; Reconstructing the Union. So many thoughts about the struggles and enormous loss of life raced through my mind.

Over 100 years have passed since slavery has been abolished yet racism still remains. True that abolishing slavery can not erase the past but does it help our country to have it remain embedded in the lives of not only African Americans, but all Americans? As part of the past is one thing, embedded is another. As long as it remains embedded we will live in a world where people are fearful of others based on their skin color. This goes against the nature of humans as we are not hard wired to hate. Actually, our first need is to belong. It is our fear of not belonging that fuels racism.

How much sense does it make to judge people who are alive today based on the actions of their ancestors? We should all be responsible for our actions here and now and skin color has NOTHING to do with that! There are people of every race and ethnic group that have committed crimes and do not live up to their potential to be a productive member of society. However, I believe as I do not wish to be unjustly judged on my skin color nor should I do that to others. What a huge disservice to those who gave their lives that racism remains today. I find it unbelievably sad that a country that can unite together in so many ways after 9/11 to still have prejudices of such large proportions. It would be the greatest honor of all to belong to a country where racism and prejudices do not exist.

True Love?

My friend Brittany found her true love, he wasn’t perfect but in her eyes he was what she thought she deserved. After, only being together for a month they found out they were pregnant and now in her eyes they were the perfect family. Soon enough they had their baby and things started to get worse. One day after a heated argument a guy called her phone. In one second her true love had knocked her on the floor, her nose was bleeding and her dreams were shattered. Brittany did not know who to go to, so she decided to talk to her friends about it. The most shocking part is once she told her story her friend told her, “Girl stop tripping my baby daddy choked me after Ravon was born. I mean it’s not a big deal, stop acting like he beating you.” The sad thing is after multiply friends agreed with her friend she “realized” maybe things weren’t that bad. In the African American community all too often we almost petty the young black man so much that even when he is wrong we can’t see it. It’s almost like a sick loyalty. Take for instance Chris Brown and Rihanna, all too often in my community the question that was repeatedly asked was, “I wonder what Rihanna did to make him do that too her.” We have made a taboo into a norm.


The Enlightenment Period

The Enlightenment Period

One of the major developments about the enlightenment period is religion. Religion is a cultural system that creates powerful and long-lasting meaning by establishing symbols that relate humanity to beliefs and values. It is something that is has been around for centuries. Although people different beliefs, values, and what they belief in; has evolved and changed over time. It may change but the basics of it are the same for me. There is a higher Devine power that we have to answer to. There is someone else in control of your life and destiny. I am not one to say that if it cannot be proven by science then it is not true. I do believe that everyone has the right to worship and believe in whom ever and what ever they believe in.

In my family going to church and giving thanks was not an option. We was born and raised as Baptist. We are believers of salvation. We believe in God and he died for our sins. We believe that God’s grace and Mercy is what helps get us through. If we ask for forgiveness that he will forgive, but that that do not meant go out and do wrong and then ask fro God’s forgiveness and it makes it okay or right. Even now raising my own children Religion is important. As a family we go to church together we pray before we eat and after dinner we do a daily devotion. If you have a problem or if you are going through pray and put in God’s hands. We even give praise when things are going good. In the African American community religion is not the same for everyone, and that okay. It is what each individual family believes in. Everyone should have the right to worship and praise whom ever they believe in and what ever they believe in.

War on terror or war on American freedoms.

Are we really fighting terrorism or American's rights and freedoms. This isn't the first time the a president has instituted these acts. During the civil war President Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus in 1861. Even tho the chief justice at the time found this suspension of rights unconstitutional at the time according to Lincoln's proclamation stated the the writ of habeas is suspended in respect to all persons arrested ,or whom are now, or here after during the rebellion shall be ,imprisonment in any fort,camp,arsenal ,military prison, or other place of confinement by any military authority. This allowed Presidents Lincoln and Bush to imprison anyone the deem a terrorist or threat with out proof of any wrong doing or foul play. The prisoners would have no rights not even to a fair trial but a military one.

Jonathan Turely a professor of George Washington University stated according to that in 2006 when president Bush put in place The Military and Commissions Act. "What, really,a time of shame this is for the American system. What the congress did and what the President signed today essentially revokes over 200 years of American principles." The real ethical problem is the government can point its finger at whomever it wants and state they are a terrorist, listen to your phone calls, without even a warrant or anything. All the government has to say is it was necessary to protect National security. This gives the government essentially a golden ticket to rummage throught your personal life if thats not a violation of rights I don't know what is. Is are nation really the Land of the Free?

Adapting to the always changing world.
How far will we go?

Fighting for Americans freedoms can be summed up as the greatest conundrum. You have a country which began with minimal assets and quickly developed to the strongest, wealthiest, and smartest country in the world. Our citizens have the greatest amount of freedom, the ability to following their dreams, and America always assists the world with our greatest resources. However, being on top comes with grave consequences, whether it is jealously of our lifestyle or the complete disagreement in our belief and political system. Events dating back from the beginning years of our country to the most recent September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, it shows people will always disagree and battles will be fought. As serving in the Marine Corps I thought very hard and long about our quagmire like condition. We must look past the arguments of John Warner Defense Authorization Act, The Patriot Act of 2001, the arguments in republican or democratic debates, and our countries yearly budget. Our countries Deceleration of Independence and Civil Rights were created through our experiences as a country. Today, we are spoiled. Spoiled to the point where we refuse to give up the smallest amount of liberties and scream murder if anyone comes within a 1,000 mile radius of their civil rights. We did not initiate this nor did we antagonize them. Unless we want the battles coming to our shores, fighting throughout our streets, we have to be flexible, we have to adapt, and we have to over come the changing world which surrounds us.

Slavery--an Ethical Catastrophe
How the war affected black slaves during the Civil War
Mary Schuttler

It s deeply disturbing for me to think about America’s past with slavery, and it is equally hard to believe that in this wonderful country, people actually treated others so horrendously. Any human being—a Catholic, a Muslim, an atheist, or just ANYBODY should all agree that nobody should be forced to work for no pay and to be treated so poorly. I understand that the colonists were going through very tough times after they broke free from Great Britain, but they should have never turned to slavery. Just because it is a cheap way to get massive amounts of labor completed, does not mean that it is ethical. What if the tables were turned? What if Great Britain had decided to capture all Americans and take them back as slaves. Would it really be any different? The answer is no.
I have been learning about slavery since I was in first grade, and it never ceases to horrify me. I am sure that most people agree with what I believe, but then again, it was our country who once participated in this horrible act. Honestly, it would not surprise me if people eventually went back to the old ways of slavery. Fairness and equality among human beings needs to be promoted so we do not fall back into the brutal system of slavery.

Does equal really mean equal?
Equality in the Eyes of the Revolutionary Leaders

The Declaration of Independence was created at the beginning of a new movement of thinking. This was brought upon by leaders who grasped the idea of personal freedoms and inalienable rights. The effects of the Declaration of Independence were meant to be widespread, but because of vast social and cultural differences the effects of the Declaration were limited. The famous quote regarding the Declaration of Independence reads “All men are created equal.” While this sounds great on paper it was not realized during the time it was written. What it should have read was “All white men who own land are created equal.” While the founders may have thought that they supported a widespread equality of men, a personal perspective on the matter would expose that they did not see this as a reality. African Americans and women were two very large groups of people that were basically excluded (in practice) from the Declaration. Although the idea was a great realization in its own right, it would not be for a very long time that the ideas proposed by the declaration would be felt across the board for all men and women. It is still a continued effort to ensure that all United States citizens are awarded equality.

Empathy Towards Others

When we think of slavery, oppression, discrimination, and racism, most relate it to a time prior to the Civil War in the United States. Somehow, at the end of the Civil War, and with the stroke of a pen in President Lincoln’s hand signing the Emancipation Proclamation, slavery, oppression and racism ended, or that is what grade school history taught us. The truth is slavery, oppression, discrimination, and racism continued, and will continue, unless we change ourselves.

As far back as history can look the need for large labor forces has existed. Slavery was a way to fill labor needs and grow profits. In the southern portion of the United States, where plantations grew cash crops of tobacco and cotton, large labor forces were needed. Slavery was the answer to the labor needs. Slaves were considered legally as property, not as humans in bondage. Property has no feelings, no sense of belonging, and no emotional attachment. We are free to treat property as we like. After all, we OWN it!

If we look at another not as a person, but as an object, it becomes easy to treat that person horribly. When society, authorities, and personal and family relationships, all view a situation as acceptable, greed, corruption, and oppressive nature take over and we lose the ability to have empathy towards others. According to a study by Jeremy Rifkin, The Empathic Civilization, we all have the ability to show empathy and relate to another’s pain and discomfort. How can we not feel the sense of pain slavery, oppression, and racism bring about?

Racism and resulting discrimination causes us to judge others by skin color, religious beliefs, clothing worn, and financial status. Why does this happen? Society and the views of those in control create a fiction that the falsehoods of discrimination and racism are true. The view that anyone different is less human, less trusting, or less capable, has never really gone away. Most if not all of us at some point in our lives, has judged someone on appearance and society’s views, rather than by the person themself.

We all have the ability to show empathy towards others. We need to look beyond what we see on the outside and look at the person and put ourselves in their position. How would we feel being treated the same way? If each of us did this, maybe then we can break down the walls of slavery, oppression, racism, and discrimination. Can we change? To end injustices we need to change, each one of us, one person at a time. In the end, unfortunately, these evils of society will remain unless we change ourselves.

The Truth is Swept Under the Rug

In many parts of the world, many different major events occur that we can’t always see for ourselves. As I was younger, I would always be observant to the news and what was going on in the world. I always kept up with the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Being young, I didn’t understand details, but the media gave me a glimpse. The image the media was portraying to me seemed very edgy, making it so hard for me to really understand why this was going on and what was happening. Finally, I began to get a slight idea, with all the information the media had poured into my head. However, that idea was only temporary. I visited the Middle East in 1999 and finally seen for myself. At that point, I didn’t need any news broadcasting channel. I was in the live action where I seen how it was really happening. I seen the innocent civilians who were searching for a shelter, children with no schools, parents crying over their lost young ones, everything that the media had slipped under the rug. At the very same time I was witnessing this all with my own eyes, I was learning that the influence of the media was definitely a brain wash with a one sided opinion. I constantly asked myself, why haven’t I ever seen any of this? From that day on, I refrained from ever using the news broadcasting programs as a source of information.


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