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Effects of Fox News and MSNBC on America's Political Views
Mass media news coverage companies such as MSNBC and Fox are available to inform the general public about what goes on all throughout the world, but do they always tell the full story? When something happens in the world that is worth any sort of recognition, mass media such as radio and television tell the rest of the world about it. Usually, the people controlling how this news is told to others keep the story relatively short, focusing on a single opinion rather than the macro-view of the situation.Vignette: {The Truth is Swept Under the Rug}.Because of this, the news broadcasting company sometimes acclaims a bad rep due to avoiding to tell another part of the story. Fox news and MSNBC hold ethnocentric views. Due to the close-mindedness and lack of political correctness and views of different parties they mainly concentrate on their own political views whether democratic or republican trying to alter the views of Americans through the media.

The news is known to be anchored in a 3rd person or neutral reporting to avoid bias. When an opinion is added to the news, excluding logic and common sense, it does change the news they deliver thus intending to change America's view points on politics. The government also controls and regulates any type of mass media, purposely exposing only one side of an issue to the general public, creating a certain opinion towards whatever the government wants these people to believe. For every story that the news covers, most channels have their own version of what happened, even if it’s just a slight change of the story. They do this to convince the audience that their opinions towards the story are more politically correct compared to other opposing points of views. It’s as though the government tells these companies what to say and not to say, convincing the public to believe what they want them to believe. This was very apparent in the 2008 presidential election on Fox news, to give an example. Since Fox holds a conservative stance in politics, they refused to show any type of advertising for candidates running on the liberal side of the election, just because they simply disagreed with that party’s views and morals in politics. Even candidates trying to run for the republican side during the election found that air time for their campaign commercials was next to impossible to purchase, due to the fact that the prices for time on their channel well exceeded their budget. Prices rose for presidential campaign time purposely, allowing only the richest of candidate’s access to television media so they would have a higher amount of recognition from the public, which in turn meant more votes for those candidates than the less popular ones. Companies use the media as a way to control the public into believing what they want everyone to think, contradicting the fact that they claim all mass media to be “fair and balanced.” The news feed is injected by opinions rather being general and full of facts. Fox news and MSNBC has projected unnecessary comments and unprofessional behavior in the work place displaying racism, hatred and known for alteration and distortions of the news. These news channels have an hidden agenda not only they want to give audiences the news form their point of view but also want to persuade audiences to go far left or far right in the chart. Even though fox new and MSNBC are each others competitors, the news channels are accused of being unfair and bias against the opposing side of their political view.

Both channels have broken the rules of the ethics of professional journalists assuring that they’re unprofessional and could not be trusted. “Journalists should be honest, fair and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information." -->

“Make certain that headlines, news teases and promotional material, photos, video, audio, graphics, sound bites and quotations do not misrepresent. They should not oversimplify or highlight incidents out of context.” - Society of professional journalist .Fox news and MSNBC have often distorted and altered new clips and speech to favor their views giving readers information full of fallacies.

Fox News is officially a state run television network of the Republicans. The right wing network has been known to overlook certain events. The network deliberately airs propaganda about our president and other opposing elected officials, but lack substance in relevance local events and world politics. As the official state run television of the Republican Party, the network never spends much time relaying information that is detrimental to their right winged message.

The people at MSNBC like to call themselves progressive liberals, MSNBC doesn’t care about journalism or their obligation to inform the public. Their focus lies within their rating, MSNBC would rather air re-runs of dateline or Lock Up then cover events that can change the political structure of a country. The news networks have a commitment to inform the people about local and world happenings. If these corporations are allowed to ignore whatever is going on in the world, then why are we allowing them to spread their messages of ethnocentrism?

Although this article is very right about these networks being biased towards one party or another, it fails to acknowledge the issue of whether or not people really will buy into one way of thinking just from watching the programming. A study says that it doesn’t matter whether a news network is strongly on the left side of the spectrum, clinging to the right side, or just telling it like it is; people will form their own opinion. Stefano Dellavigna of the University of California of Berkeley and Ethan Kaplan of the Institute for International Economic Studies at Stockholm University were able to find information that proves their beliefs. When Fox News started in 1996 it was a very small news station that was not available in very many states or towns. After going back and looking at the election results in the towns and states where Fox was available they found that there was no difference in likelihood of a republican victory. As a matter of fact, from 1996 to 2000 the vote share for republicans went up more in states and towns where Fox wasn't available over states and towns where it was. If Fox News is officially a state run television network of the Republicans then these results would be far from acceptable for the mighty republican party.People always will eventually develop their own bias towards one party or another. If they are watching a network that features republican views and one that features democratic views wouldnt that be the same as watching a "non-bias" network. Ethical/Sociological Perspective{Ethnocentrism is Wrong}

Here's a Youtube clip from FOX News discussing how news companies "keep quiet" about situations to protect themselves...

However, each broadcasting network contains editorial programs. Within these editorial programs, opinions are made and some viewers will believe these comments as truth, lies, or propaganda depending on their own perception and political compass. Unlike PBS, each station is independently owned, separate from the government, and is in it to win it. That is, they are for profits. (Kaufman, 2007) The information presented is done so in a manner to obtain and retain viewers for which ratings can increase and advertising dollars may be procured. {Ethical Perspective: MEDIA FACTS} Fox News presents information that is in keeping with conservative views, while MSNBC offers its viewers information presented in the more liberal ideology.

Throughout history there have been many newspapers and magazines that attempt to corner a market of readers. For instance, an article from the colonial era dated March 4, 1775 read:

There appeared great cheerfulness in commiting to destruction so pernicious an article; many worthy women, from a conviction of the evil tendency of continuing the habit of Tea drinking, made free-will offerings of their respective stocks of the hurtful trash. On this occasion the bells were tolled, but it is referred to the learned whether tolling or ringing would have been most proper. Whilst the Tea was burning, a spirited Son of Liberty went along the street with his brush and lampblack, and obliterated or unpainted the word TEA on the shop signs. (Analyzing a Colonial Newspaper, 2003)

This article was written during a time in our nation’s history when there was still support for the British monarchy. Directly before this, was a call to, “All true friends of their country, lovers of Freedom, and haters of shackles and hand-cuffs,” to come out and do some tea burning. Was the intention of this publication to cater to the American Loyalists? It is possible, or just to sell copies? Maybe, but the truth is this was information presented to the audience.; the reader is the one who perceives the content. The title of this article is “Tea Riot.”

Another true effective editorialist of the era was Thomas Paine. Paine was a journalist at the time of his publication, Common Sense (Davidson, DeLay, Heyrman, Lytle, & Stoff, 2009). Here again, the message is perceived from an audience, and a paying one at that. According to Davidson (2009), 120,000 copies were sold in its first three months during 1776.

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