Have you ever been out late at night and seen those girls in the streets with skimpy outfits, heels and a careless expression? And thought to yourself how disgusting she was and what a lack of respect she had for herself? Well, did you ever stop and think that she was being held by her own will and that just a couple blocks down her pimp was waiting for her just to take all her money? The FBI estimates that well over 100,000 children and young women are trafficked in America today. They range in age from 9 to 19, with the average age being 11. Not every child is a run away or a bad kid. Some of these girls have no family and the streets are all they know. They are being manipulated and being told that if they run no one will love them. As for the girls that do have families, most of them are being taken away from a good home. The predators are very smart and know how to read children and tend to know what their weaknesses are after speaking to them or studying them from afar. Once they lure the children in they are threatened that if they try to leave they will kill their families. If taken to a foreign country they might not have another choice but to stick by the one who brought them there. Where would they go, who would they go to, who would understand them? They usually promise the victims a better life, money, a modeling career, or just a simple ride. The predators then brake them down until they are scared. Sex trafficking deprives young girls and women of their rights. It breaks them down emotionally, physically and mentally. They are being brain washed to believe that they have nowhere else to turn. There are some lucky girls who are able to escape but the aftermath of their experiences haunt them. Most of them have to move to different states, not just of fear that the one who captured them once will find them again, but to start a new life and to gain the feel of their innocence back. But they will always live in fear. Luckily there are groups that raise awareness against sex trafficking such as, ECPAT USA (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking Children for Sexual Purposes) this agency shows how young the girls can be and how it affects them.
The predators get a thrill out of selling these girls and making easy money. Girls are bringing their agents' or "pimps" an estimating of 500 dollars a night if not more and usually make $24,000 a month $642,000 a year tax free.The total annual revenue for trafficking in persons is estimated to be between USD $5 billion and $9 billion. Sex trafficking is not only happening in America, its happening all over the world. The United Nations estimates nearly 2.5 million people from 127 different countries are being trafficked around the world(wiki, UN News )human_trafficking_legs.jpg. Of the 45,000 to 50,000 that are brought to the U.S., 30,000 come from Asia, 10,000 from Latin America and 5,000 from other regions e.g., the former Soviet Union. The primary Asian source countries to the U.S. are China, Thailand and Vietnam. Thailand and Brazil are considered to have the worst child sex trafficking records.( wiki- human trafficking) Craig-list has been helping this situation by advertising it in the adult section for many years. It has become the largest marketers of children trafficked in the commercial sex industry. Many who are anti-trafficking have tried to shut the adult section down by signing petitions asking craiglist to stop profiting from sex slavery.

There are three types of labor:
[Bonded labor, or debt bondage, is probably the least known form of labor trafficking today, and yet it is the most widely used method of enslaving people. Victims become bonded laborers when their labor is demanded as a means of repayment for a loan or service in which its terms and conditions have not been defined or in which the value of the victims’ services as reasonably assessed is not applied toward the liquidation of the debt. The value of their work is greater than the original sum of money "borrowed"
Forced labor is a situation in which victims are forced to work against their own will, under the threat of violence or some other form of punishment, their freedom is restricted and a degree of ownership is exerted. Men are at risk of being trafficked for unskilled work, which globally generates $31bn according to the International Labor Organization. Forms of forced labor can include domestic servitude; agricultural labor; sweatshop factory labor; janitorial, food service and other service industry labor; and begging.
Sex trafficking victims are generally found in dire circumstances and easily targeted by traffickers. Individuals, circumstances, and situations vulnerable to traffickers include homeless individuals, runaway teens, displaced homemakers, refugees, and drug addicts. While it may seem like trafficked people are the most vulnerable and powerless minorities in a region, victims are consistently exploited from any ethnic and social background.]
(human trafficking-wiki) goes to the three types of labor ^^

These are only estimates and studies but to find accurate statistics becomes hard to find in this tragic situation. Sex trafficking in America is a very serious epidemic going on that should be strongly looked at, innocent people, mostly women and children, have fallen into it. Young girls are being lured from their homes and taken away from their family, they are being held against their own will and being forced to have sexual relationships with men they don't know for money that is given to whom they call their "pimp." In many situations girls are transferred or sold into different countries which is harder for their family to locate them. Approaching the "victims" for the abductors is the easy part, they seem like your everyday normal person and will probably offer you or your family a helping hand, a better life( such as education for a poverty stricken child), or just a simple ride home. they dig really deep to get your trust and usually do a good job. in many situations there will be a woman with another man posing as a couple this way they feel they will be trusted easier. not only women and young girls are victimized, but young boys are targeted as well. unfortunately it is something that could happen to anyone anywhere. Celebrities such as Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher and other big time celebrities are making PSAs to get the word out, you can to! Remember these victims are someones daughter, mother, sister, wife, brother, son. Its happening right under our nose.

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