Jabbar's Deviant Assignment

Part 1

My friends and I were extremely bored and were looking, desperately for something to do. It was a dark, gloomy Friday night. At about nine o’clock, we decided to look for some type of productive activity. Unfortunately, the mall was closed so that was clearly out of the equation. We patiently drove around town, thinking of what we could possibly do. I was interested in exploring Dicks Sporting Goods. To my surprise, the rock climbing wall had been closed for the night. But I was still determined to find something to do. My friends and I started searching through the athletic or sports section. All of the basketball rims were sealed off by some type of plastic material, except one. Without any thought, we quickly seized the opportunity to shoot some hoops (play basketball). At first, we were just participating in some friendly shooting. But the game soon turned into a competitive game of Horse. In basketball, Horse is a game where each player attempts to match another player’s shot without missing. If the player fails to match (make) the basket, the n they receive a letter. The first player to have spelled out Horse loses. Competition turned our peaceful session into a fulminating event. After our basketball game came to a conclusion, no one was ready to leave. Someone suggested we try playing some catch, which soon transformed into an immense game of football. In a flash, the occurrence came to an end.

Part 2

Although I was focused on the activities, I could not help but notice everyone else around me. Luckily, there were not any Dicks Sporting Goods employees around while we were playing basketball. Few people were able to ignore use. The people who continued to shop were giving us dirty looks and telling us to quiet down. Most people were quite amused. Some sat down and watched eagerly to observe what would happen next. They were not all cheering but I thought it was great that we had some people interested in what we were doing. Though, one older man in black and green street clothes leisurely walked through our game until we completely stopped. I was curious to find out what he was trying to do or say. He told us he was the District manger and was not going to allow us to play basketball. Without argument we put an end to our basketball game. He specifically said we were not allowed to play anymore basketball. He also said we were free to try out anything else that we were interested in buying. We instantly began to engage ourselves in a game of football. Almost immediately after we got going, we were interrupted by the head store manage. He was astonished and could not believe his eyes. As he began to raise his voice, we already knew where this was heading. He threatened to call the police and suspend us from entering the store. My friends and I laughed and could not take him seriously. We simply told him we were testing out the equipment so we could make a better decision on what we should buy. However, we did not want to get into any serious trouble so we left. I enjoyed the experience and I will most likely participate in more deviant behavior before the end of my life.

Part 3

My experience in Sociology class can best be described as a roller coaster ride. I had some ups and downs but I did learn a lot. According to John D. Carl (2010), “homeless can happen anywhere. Dramaturgy is a theory of interaction in which all life is like acting. Objectivity is the ability to conduct research without allowing personal biases or prejudices to influence them. Gestures are symbols we make using our bodies, such as facial expressions, hand movements, eye contact, and other types of body language. Role is the behavior of a specific status.” After reading about homelessness, my opinion on it changed. I learned that they do not chose to be homeless. They are homeless because they do not have a house. Some might have jobs but the money they earn isn’t enough to turn their lives around. Everyone has a role in society. For example, teachers’ roles are to educate whoever they need to. Gestures are used every day. Gestures can help identify how someone is feeling too. Dramaturgy explains how life is separated into stages. NBA referees have to use objectivity every time they walk onto the court so the game is fair.

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