"Fun on Lagrange Road"

Has anyone ever found themselves stuck behind an extremely slow driver? I have many times and it is a very frustrating. I usually am thinking who is this old person or women on the phone in front of me. That’s who I always think will be ahead of me, but sometimes I'm shocked when it’s a different scenario. For my deviant project I took the wheel and now I was the slow driver for once in my life.
I started my project at about 1:30 Saturday, July 23rd. My goal was to drive 5mph from 159th and Lagrange to the Denny's by the mall. I had my two friends Pat and Bill with me in the car. Bill recorded and added some commentary while we were driving. Here is the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vu4BKxuiQ78.
So now I will explain some of the reactions to my slow driving. The first reaction was a car behind me in the right turn lane. I purposely went so slow that this driver would catch the red light. He was not too happy and drove so close to me that he actually got the light and got in the left lane. He honked multiple times and me and showed me his middle finger. Now I was flying down Lagrange road at about 5-10mph. Notice the speed limit is about 35-45mph down Lagrange.

Now I had a new car behind me. It looked like a happy old couple. We got stopped at a light over by Target. I decided this time I would sit at the green light for about 20-30 seconds. I did that and I got no reaction from these people behind me. Then I was cruising and these people were going slower than me. I had at least 40 people pass me and give me a dirty face or a finger. Next green light I sat at for another 20 seconds and no reaction, it was unbelievable. Finally, we got in the right turn lane for Dennys and this time I took a real slow turn and these people were not too happy.
I think these reactions to my driving kind of mad me feel bad, but I thought it was pretty funny at the same time. I would probably have the same type of reaction I someone was going that slowly. The people passing me probably thought I was an old person, but instead I shocked them. I would be amazed if I saw an 18 year old driving 5mph.

I did this because driving for me is kind of like a groupthink. If the person in front of me is speeding I usually speed because I think I am entitled to. I think I really messed up people when I was going so slowly because it is not considered a norm in society. When people think of slow drivers, they usually think of old people. I think that this is definitely a prejudice act. Also, many males say that women are terrible drivers. This is a great example of sexism. Since, I am a male I proved that males could also be terrible drivers. Next, I think that the media influences how people drive. Nobody ever sees a character driving slow in a movie because that would be boring. I think people when they were mad used different ways of communication to express it.

In conclusion, I had a lot of fun doing this deviant project. It was nice to be in a different perspective than I usually am. Next time I'm out on the road I will probably have a different perspective. So when you're speeding down Lagrange road and get stuck behind a slow driver make sure you take the time and see who it is you’re stuck behind. You never know it could be an 18 year old fool like me behind the wheel.
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