Puking In Public

For my deviant project I decided to do something someone has never thought of before. I thought of an idea for a long time until I finally got one that would be excellent. During the course of a week, I would enter public buildings such as McDonalds, K Mart, Potbelly's, etc. and I would fake vomit on the floor. After watching people's reactions, I would run out as if I was embarrassed of the fact I just vomited. That is a good example of face-saving work. How I would do this is I would carry a mixture of various foods in a small bottle so it would look and sometimes smell like vomit. I would then proceed to put the mixture in my mouth and, if I could prevent myself from actually vomiting, I would spit it up simulating the puking look.

Each location had different ways that I would carry out the act and respectively had different reactions of the crowd. For instance, at K Mart, I would walk around the store until I was at a busy section like where the milk was and vomit there. For McDonalds, I would place an order and puke while picking up the food. I also puked on the counter at one. Other restaurants I would eat and then puke in the middle of the place afterwards. It was a tricky thing to pull off at times, but I got a lot of good reactions.

It's no surprise that the main reaction to this was disgust. That's most people's reaction to vomit at any time. That's not to say there were other reactions also. While I was at K Mart, there were mainly mother like figures there shopping. Interesting enough, when I would vomit, they were more likely to come to me and ask if I was OK or try to help me before I would run away, that being considered morality of care. However, when I was somewhere like McDonalds where the main age group is younger, I received no sympathy from the people there. I was laughed at and sometimes, by the workers, yelled at. In the case where I puked on the counter I was kicked out of the store by the manager. I would sometimes have entire McDonalds laughing at me where nearly everyone was laughing at my expense; a good example of groupthink.

Typically, people think of puking in a public place as taboo, even though most can't control it when it does happen. It seemed to be that the younger people found it to be funny to see someone puke. I can't determine whether that's the case or they found it so funny because they saw what I had actually done. On the other hand, the older crowd seemed to be more willing to help and be sure I was OK before they started to laugh. Not everyone of the older generation helped, but there was a significant difference between young and old.

Surprisingly enough, sex also played an important part in people's reactions. I found men were very quick to laugh and never helped me in my need. Women, however, were hesitant to laugh and were very quick to help. I believe this is classified as gender roles being women are portrayed as the nurturing types and men being the tough ones. The real question is would I get the same reactions if I was a woman? Would men be resistant to laugh at my expense and even be more likely to help from a simple gender switch? Is that considered sexism? Why is it acceptable for one gender to show this emotion but not for the other?

With all these actions of people around me, it didn't feel good to see what I got out. Suppose I had really gotten sick; it's disheartening to see a good amount of people would laugh before seeing if I was OK. Maybe that's just something people grow out of. It definitely made me feel like I was doing something wrong by doing this. By breaking the norms of society, I caused a scene and that lead to embarrassment.