Roaming Free

Deviance occurs everywhere in daily life. There is really no way of escaping deviance. The deviant act that I choose to do was to ride around on my long board in my underpants. I thought that this was a good deviant act because I’m sure most people don’t see things like this every day. The date that I completed my deviant act was July 20th. The time I did it was around 6 P.M because this was perfect time to get as many reactions as I could. Most people go out for a walk, run, or bike ride at this time. The location where I did my deviant act was in the neighborhood next to mine. I choose this location because I don’t go into the neighborhood really ever so the people who saw me had no idea who I was, which was perfect. I didn’t want to complete my long boarding act in my neighborhood because I long board through it almost every day. Most of the people around my house would know who I am and not really give an accurate response to what I was actually doing.

My favorite part of doing this deviant act was to see the emotions that people responded with. As I was riding around in my whitey tities I got a huge variety of responses. Some were very negative, on the other side; some people laughed and had a good time with what I was doing. Actually when I was completing my deviant act I brought with me a pen and some paper to accurately record the amount of responses that I got from people. Throughout my act I encountered a total of about 32 people varying from young to old. I recorded that 10 of the 12 of the people who saw me that were young laughed and had a good time with me long boarding in my underpants. The other two young people acted disgusted and both of them were girls. When I encountered the middle-aged people most of them were disgusted with what I was doing. 15 of the 32 people that I came across were middle-aged and 13 of them fit the description of what I said above. Only 2 of the 13 laughed and weren’t disgusted with me. Now the other 7 people that I cruised past in my underwear were elderly and let me tell you, they did not like what I was doing. All 7 of them acted like I was a genetic defect baby. Every one of the elderly said, put some clothes on you idiot”, or something along those lines. After seeing all of these people and recording all of their reactions I just wanted to go home and put some clothes on. It was fun at first, but after I kept passing people and getting all these negative responses it started to become less fun for me. I was expecting for the younger people to laugh with me, but I wasn’t expecting all of the negative responses that I got. After getting all those dirty and disgusted looks from people it really started to wear on me. I really only got these two emotions of laughter and disgust and I was a little shocked by that. I thought that some people wouldn’t have even thought twice about what I was doing, but I was wrong. Overall I don’t think that I am going to be long boarding in my underpants again anytime soon.

There were many things that I saw throughout my deviant act that I have learned or talked about during this semester. While I was long oaring I noticed that the people who gave me negative responses probably thought that I was breaking the social norms. In all honesty though there should be no social norms. There is nobody who is going to tell me what is normal. I am going to do what I want and I hope that other people feel the same way that I do. Another concept that I encountered during my deviant act was solidarity. Throughout my project I felt different levels of solidarity depending on the reactions I got. When people laughed with me I felt a high level of solidarity because I felt more connected to them. On the other hand, when people gave me disgusting looks and negative comments I felt a very low level of solidarity. I believe that I encountered some contagion in my act. I think that some of the people who I encountered didn’t think about what I was doing they just reacted emotionally and didn’t really think about what I was doing. I believe that if these people would have just thought for a second they would realize that it’s not even worth getting upset about what I was doing. They should just realize that I am a kid and we do stupid things. I also think that some of the people that I came across, being mostly the elderly, thought that what I was doing was a taboo act. Judging by the responses that I got from the elderly and some middle-aged people I strongly believe that they thought me long boarding in my underpants was extremely taboo. What I don’t understand is how people can judge things like this so strongly because I’m pretty sure that everyone did things like this when they were young. People need to stop being hypocrites and accept the fact that young people like to act out and do things that not everyone else does. Another concept that I learned about this semester is ethnocentrism. I know for a fact that people judged me and some thought that they were better people than me. This is crazy and it happens everywhere and every day. People are judged on just about everything that they do. If people do one thing that is out of the norm they are judged and then people will have blurred vision of who that person really is just because of one thing that was done.

When I was completed with my deviant act I just came home and thought about the emotions that I managed to pull out of people just from long boarding in my underpants. I think that it’s crazy how people judge so strongly on little stupid things like what I did. People should focus their attention of more important things than a teenager riding his long board in underwear. I’m glad that I did this project but, I’m also glad that it is over.