Taylor's Deviant Assignment
Part One

On Wednesday, June 4, I took part in a deviant act that most people find to be annoying and rude. While at the Orland Park mall, I decided to walk on the right side of the mall going in the opposite direction of the crowd. In the United States, it is almost an unwritten law that when you are walking anywhere you always walk as if you are driving on a rode, so that everyone is going in the same direction and does not bump into each other. This unwritten rule is considered to be a social norm. However, I decided taht I would walk against the crowd, and see the reactions I received from my audience. Walking against a crowd is one the most annoying things I realized that people do, so I decided to see the reactions that people would give to me that I usually give to other people.

Part Two

While doing this deviant act, I noticed that most people's faces were confused, angry, or annoyed. People in the United States are not used to having people going the opposite way while walking. The confused people just stared at me with a look of surprise. The people who were angry gave me a look of digust and disappointment. Finally, the people who seemed to be annoyed gave me very rude faces and even talked about me behind my back. All of the reactions I received while simply just walking on the wrong side of the mall made me feel like I was doing something extremely wrong. Even though there was no written law that said it was not allowed, the sanctions I received from the people in the mall made me feel like I had disrupted the flow of everyone else there. I realized that I was just like these people in the fact that when I saw someone walking the wrong way or getting in my way while waling, I would give them a dirty look as a form of a sanction. I am sure that i ahve participated in acts that many people would consider to be deviant. The sanctions I received made me feel like an outcast and made me feel like everyone was staring at me.

Part Three

While walking on the wrong side of the mall, I noticed the dirty looks the people were giving me. These dirty looks can be considered informal sanctions. Also, even though there was no law saying I could not walk on that side against the crowd, there was a socialnorm that caused people to view it as awkward or wrong (Carl, 2010, pg. 54). People in the United States have been socialized to believe certain things. For example, things like talking to yourself are seen as weird and many people laugh at you or give you a strange look. Some things are labeled as taboos, things that are seen as socially unacceptable, but some people do them anyways (Carl, 2010, pg. 54). For example, rape is seen as morally wrong and many people find it disgusting. In the United States, there is a formal sanction that goes along with rape. Instead of people just giving dirty looks as a way to make the perpetrator feel like they did something wrong, a legal form of action takes place. Police usually will arrest the person who committed the taboo and send them to jail to be tried. However, taboos do not always require a legal form of action. Sometimes taboos can result simply in embarrassment.