Yoga Positions
Part One: On July 24, 2011 around 12:45pm, my mother and I headed off to the Super Target to go grocery shopping for the week. I knew today was the day to do my deviant act since I had very little time left before the assignment had to be turned in. During the entire time of this course I could not figure out what I wanted to do for our deviant project. I suppose I had several opportunities that opened up for me to embarrass myself in public, but it honestly did not feel right until today.

During the car ride over to Target, I was thinking in my head, “You have to do this Nora! Today is the day! It is early enough that you will not see anyone you know and your comfortable with embarrassing yourself in front of your mother. Go for it! It might turn out interesting and make for a great paper”!
We pulled into the Tinley Park Target on 191st, with hope that everything would go well and I would not hurt myself. I quickly grabbed my camera out of my purse and immediately handed it to my mother, as I swiftly walked towards the entranceway. In order to get the most reactions out of people, I knew I had to do something unusual outside of the store because of the several people entering and leaving the Target. Also, it would give people who were driving by, opportunities to react to my deviant action.

I noticed in front of the store there were these two massive red balls that were attached to the ground. So I ran straight up to one of them, jumped on top of the ball, and started posing in strange positions for about fifteen minutes. As I was posing on the red ball, I had my mother capture several photos of me making a complete fool out of myself so I could gather good evidence to present to our class. Eventually my body started to become exhausted and I instantly hopped off the ball and headed straight inside of target to cool off and refrain myself from making anymore deviant acts.

Part Two: When I first jumped on the ball it took a while for people to start reacting to my deviancy. At first several cars just drove by and did not do anything: probably because they did not notice me or care to react to the situation. There were several moments where cars slowly drove past and stared me down until they could not see me anymore. Other times, the cars would stop and point, smile, or laugh at me. At this moment I was not too embarrassed because the people in the cars did not say anything to me and they were not close enough to touch or throw something at me.
As time went by, more and more customers started leaving target with their carts full of groceries and their families tagging along behind them. I noticed time moving faster and faster and the pace was picking up around me as more people entered into the parking lot. Soon cars drove by and yelled things out their window. One of the cars even ended up being my neighbor and shouted at me to pose for him. I started too feel a little uncomfortable when families walking to their cars, would stop and stare and their children seemed afraid of me. I knew it was time to end this deviant act when I overheard a mother say to her daughter in a squeamish voice, “Honey! Get into the car quickly it starting to get a little hectic around here."
I eventually got off of the ball, because I felt very out of place and unwelcomed.

Part Three: 1. “Conformity is the degree to which we alter our behavior, attitudes, and points of view to fit into our perceived expectation of what is appropriate”(Carl 107).
When there are large groups of people in society coming together for one purpose, it is likely for people to conform together when acting towards something unusual happening in public. When I was on the red ball doing weird positions, several families conformed together and slowly just walked by without saying anything and ignoring what I was doing. On the other hand, the cars that slowly drove by acted on the bizarre situation, whether it was verbally saying something, laughing, or just pointing and staring. It would be very difficult for a group of people to not use conformity to take action on an unusual situation in their surrounding environment.

2. “Gender Roles is society’s expectations of how males and females should act and think in society”(Carl 194).
Females have several stereotypes in society of how they should look, act, talk, and dress. Especially being a female and doing this deviant act in a crowed public area I was opening my self up for discrimination and ridicule. The fact that I was a female acting outlandishly in public instead of keeping a reserved manor as females are suppose to, made people feel very uncomfortable. In general, acting in an adverse manor causes observers to feel uncomfortable towards the participant.

3. “Norms are rules developed for appropriate behavior based on specific values that are conditional, they can vary from place to place”(Carl 54).
This deviant act that I did, would not be considered severe enough to potentially harm anybody but it was enough to make people feel uncomfortable. Our society has such an organized structure, and has several rules and restrictions that it would be impossible for people to not think a deviant act such as mine, would be considered a taboo in public.

4. “Group is any number of people with similar norms, values, and behaviors who frequently interact with one another”(Carl 67).
When pulling into to target, I immediately observed the people and place around me to understand the different types of groups and people that I would be dealing with. In a natural setting, such as target, there were mostly families or couples going grocery shopping for the week because my deviant act happened to fall on a Sunday. I could easily identify that nearly all the groups of people lived around the area and belonged to the same class system as everybody else. The only person that stood out amongst the groups of people was I.

5. “Front stage what the audience sees, the part of ourselves that we present on others”(Carl 75).
When a person pulls up to target, what they see is the façade of target and two round balls that represent structural decoration and a safety feature to prevent cars from driving up on the sidewalk. Regular Target customers do not expect to pull up in front of target and see a female standing on top of the red balls in different positions. I would be considered the front stage for all the customers to glare and start making assumptions of who I am and what type of person I am.

Carl,J.D.(2010). Think Sociology.Saddle River NJ: Prentice Hall