Welcome to The Social Science Soapbox!

This site is established as a cross-fertilization and community sharing platform for students writing in social and behavioral science classes facilitated by Professor Timothy Nelson at Moraine Valley Community College and Joliet Junior College. This is a safe place for ideas and perspectives to be shared in a professional, academically honest, and socially responsibale manner. Above all, it is a place for those who enjoy exploring the social world we all share through the voices of students of the social and behavioral sciences.

Be certain that as you begin to work as a member of the Social Science Soapbox Wikispace community of students you understand that you may do the following at liberty:

1. Select your team's specific page that is coded by School - Course and assigned Team #.

Example: JJC - HIST 103 W1 S1-3

JJC = Joliet Junior CollegeSoapbox_pic.jpg
HIST 103 = Course Number
W1 = Course Section Number
S1-3 = Assigned Team (S = Series 1 - Team 3)

2. Assign an appropriate title to your Team's article.
3. Select edit to your team's page to add/delete or modify text and images appropriate to your article.
4. Post academically appropriate comments on other student's work in the discussion tab for any page that interest you in the soapbox.

You may never do the following:
1. Never edit another Team's work.
2. Never use academically innappropriate language or images in the Soacial Science Soapbox.
3. Never use academically dishonest material or infringe upon other people's copy rights.

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